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Rocheport - Columbia Missouri Bed and Breakfast Lodging

Yates House Bed and Breakfast, MO

"My old website was a seasoned veteran that had served me well. I couldn't help but notice it was getting tired and not selling the Inn as successfully as it once had. I knew the day would come when money would have to be spent and vast amounts of time consumed in the development of a new website. And I knew there would be no guarantees the new site would market our Inn any better than the old site. I ignored my problem for a year or more hoping it would just go away. Of course, website problems got worse and so did my sense of dread.

We attended a State Conference and Lisa Kolb as a speaker on internet technology. Her presentation was impressive. The words "Acorn Internet Services" came up a few times but Lisa really didn't push the "hard sell" buttons like most web development companies. She gave me the tools to evaluate our website performance (which was dismal) and hope that there was competent help available. We shopped some but quickly realized that Acorn was able to provide the necessary services at a very competitive price.

Signing up with Acorn was easy and led quickly to a highly organized team of site builders. These folks led me through the maze of development and were wonderful to work with. They customized our site making it both highly functional and quite beautiful. The pain of website production was minimal. The entire operation went smoothly and I always knew who my contact person was. I was a little shocked by how well everything went.

Website price was very reasonable and considerably less than I had expected. Sales results from the website have been startling. We have seen flat business for several years--probably a result of having a tired website. Now, in current economic conditions, we have improved sales (over same time period last year). I would say the website has paid for itself in about four months. I wish I'd hired Acorn Internet Services a few years ago.

My advice: If you think your website might be a little old or tired, it probably is. The best investment you can make in your Bed & Breakfast right now is to fix your website. I would bet Acorn Internet Services can give you the best value of any current providers on website improvements. And it doesn't hurt a bit."

~ Dixie & Conrad Yates ~

1 thought on “Rocheport - Columbia Missouri Bed and Breakfast Lodging

  1. I think the innkeeper's comment "If you think your website might be old or tired, it probably is." is right on. I'm amazed at how few innkeepers look at other inn's sites and evaluate if their own site is really representing them well and competing favorably with the other options around them. I also agree that Acorn provides a great product at a great price for website development and promotion. Beyond that, I think they do the best job of educating the innkeeper about how to use this most important "member of your staff" your website to its fullest potential. The longer you have a website for your b&b the better it should become in being your best salesperson! Working with Acorn over the past several years we've been encouraged to keep our web site changing all the time and that has made a huge impact on our business.

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