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Joint Missouri-Kansas Heartland Conference 2009

The Joint Missouri-Kansas Heartland Conference was held March 2-4, 2009 in Independence, MO. Acorn attended as both a vendor, and speaker for two sessions.

We were delighted to be able to share with innkeepers ways to “show me the money” at this conference. See Details below.

Lisa Kolb
Acorn IS President

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Session 1: The “Top 10” and more “Must Knows” for 2009

This session included Google Local, Google Gadgets, Trip Advisor Widgets and More! During this session we helped each attendee create a To-Do list for things they (or your webmaster) can do to help their business in 2009. From this session the attendees voted on topics for the Acorn “Hands-On Session” for Day 2.

Session 2: Bring Your Laptops and Learn! “Hands-On” Training

There are many different Google Local and Gadget options, Trip Advisor Widgets, etc. that we helped innkeepers set up on their own at this session. Due to time constraints for this session, a follow-up webinar was held on March 11th, with 20 attendees. The attendees came with their questions, and the webinar was held as a QA session with live access to the innkeeper’s Google accounts.


Attendee comments are still being gathered.

"Thanks again for attending the BBIM conference and offering your expertise to two great sessions. I am always amazed at how you transform the mystery into very simple and practical applications. Perhaps you should take over the economy. You and your staff do a great job. I feel fortunate to have found your services."

~ Southmoreland on the Plaza ~
Kansas City Bed and Breakfast Inn
(Acorn Site Design and Marketing)

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