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Latest Info On Featured Properties

In a recent Acorn webinar, we were looking at different kinds of listings, and as we always get lots of questions about, we looked at the site and saw a result similar to this:

Scrrencap of's featured property listing

Since we were pretty sure the Featured Property Autions were no more, and we had customers telling us that weren't able to bid to be a Featured Property, we went to the best source we know, Janice Hurley Hollis, Head of Industry Relations for and  asked her about it. Here is's response:

"Since FPA (Featured Property Auctions) has ended we are still finding different ways to highlights members in these spots. We do not have a specific plan to share at this point with how those spots and the search will work in the future."

Thanks to Janice for the update!

1 thought on “Latest Info On Featured Properties

  1. It is tipical for how has been operating in the last year! They are runing a suicide strategy since they do not know how to handle / compete with AirBnB.
    Best example: The number of clicks to Fredericksburg, TX which is a booming tourist town, has dropped on by 60 % over the last 2 years. The % of traffic to our Inn coming from BandB has dropped from 12 % to less than 1 %! Since they stopped the Inn of the month!

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