Montana Bed and Breakfast Brought the Big Sky to Acorn Internet Services!

Ann Harwood and her business partner, Great Bear, were interested in a web site for their new Inn, Bear Spirit Lodge, located in beautiful St.Ignatius, Montana. They came to Acorn, and I was fortunate enough to be their Pre-Development project manager.

Ann was very decisive and definite about her choices for the new site. It is a very interesting and different site than we have done before. I’m not sure that any of our other sites feature a bison in the home page flash!

Ann sent us this note after the launch of her new site: 

“Dear Acorn Team, I am most pleased and very excited with the results of my new website for Bear Spirit Lodge B&B!!!!  I thank all of you for your professional expertise, your great design work, and all of your constructive work and feedback along the way. 

I highly recommend Acorn Internet Services staff for their excellent work, their highly competent systems, and even more, the added value of your willingness to teach your new clients in the process and webinars.  I will be happy to serve as a positive referral for you, especially in Montana and the Northwest.

Have a good day!  I am eagerly awaiting the onslaught of new reservations for Bear Spirit Lodge through my new website, 

Safe Journeys, Ann  (Anna of Montana)”

We love happy customers, and we really love it when our customers are very happy with our work.

Thank YOU, Ann and Great Bear!

Annie Buck
Pre-Development Manager
Acorn Internet Services

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