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December 5 , 2012 - Acorn IS Newsletter

2013 Pre-Pay Sign-Up Through 12/15/12

New Payment Program with 5% SavingsIf you wish to Pre-Pay for your yearly Hosting and E-mail in advance for the following year, we will credit you a 5% savings of your total yearly Hosting and E-mail amount.

Please note that hosting and E-mail costs ARE NOT INCREASING as we head into 2013.

If you are interested in learning more about this new program, please E-mail for details.

Also, please let us know before December 15, 2012 if you wish to enroll in the yearly savings program. If we do not hear from you, we will continue to invoice quarterly.

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New Site Design for Low Monthly Payments

"Pay as you Go" vs. "Pay in Full" Payment Options for New Site Design

Today, we see the payment structure for Web Site Design changing as Innkeepers move from the “Pay Upfront” model to the “Pay as you Go” model. To accommodate more Innkeeper's who desperately need a new Web Site Design, we are now offering the both payment options... [More]

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Snail Mail Invoicing

FREE Snail Mail Invoices will terminate as of December 31st, 2012. If you are one of the handful of our customers receiving these invoices, and would like to continue to receive a USPS printed copy of your invoice, a $5 quarterly charge will now be applied for shipping and handling. If you wish to have this service added to your invoice, please contact Annie or 877-226-7699.

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NO INCREASE: Acorn University Pricing

Acorn University

The 2013 Acorn University fee will remain the same as it was in 2012: $99 for hosting customers and $249 for non-hosting customers. This will include any and all Acorn U and Club 60 classes and associated After-Hour and Watch-on-your-Own Recordings for the entire year 2013.

If you are not currently an Acorn University Student, but want to get in on all the new 2013 classes to better your online placement and authority, please contact Annie or 877-226-7699.

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Is your Google Placement Dropping?

Is Digital Baggage causing your site placement issues?As Google continues to change their algorithms with new releases such as Penguin and Panda, your Website authority has to remain strong.

We are finding many innkeepers losing placement due to existing "Digital Baggage" that may have worked for placement in the past, but will no longer pass muster with Google's newest releases.

We are now offering a SEPPIR (Search Engine Placement Problem Identification Report) report to track down all the places your online presence is no longer meeting Google standards, and provide a to-do list to get such issues fixed.

Google has indicated, and we have seen live, that placement will continue to drop until these "Digital Baggage" issues are resolved to Google's latest and greatest standards.

For more information we recommend you read the following articles or contact Annie or 877-226-7699 for more details.

  • The Digital Baggage Dilemma [More]
  • Will Google Sink your SEO Battleship? [More]

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Using Mobile Devices for Checking E-Mail

Email and Mobile Device AccessMore and more people are using their mobile devices to check their email. In recent years we have been setting clients up with email services from our Rackspace datacenter. Rackspace has new options where you can sync your email, calendar and contacts to your mobile device if it is an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Droid or a Windows mobile device. The email, contacts, and calendar data is synced between the mail server and the mobile device. So if you are using the web interface then any contacts and calendar data that you use in the web interface can automatically be synced to your mobile device. If you use an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird then only the email can be synced to your phone using the IMAP protocol. If you find yourself using your phone more for email communication, then you may want to consider using this mobile sync option and the web interface on your computer instead of an email client. Below are current email services pricing.

  • $1 a month for each email account. IMAP connection can be used to sync only email to mobile device.
  • Additional $1 a month for each account that has the mobile sync turned on, which includes email, calendar and contact data that can be synced to a mobile device.

We have been offering the mobile sync option for several months and are seeing clients switch from using their old email client to the web interface mobile sync combination so that they can have access to more data on their phones and tablets. Since the data is always saved on the server you do not need to worry about losing any email, calendar or contact data if your computer crashes or you loose your mobile device.

Interested in this service? Contact Annie or 877-226-7699 for more details.

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Beware of this Scam

We have had several customers report getting an invoice from a company called DNS Services. It looks official because it has your company name on it and they look up your name server records and print them on the invoice. This company has nothing to do with your hosting services and if you pay their invoice you are paying for nothing. Just ignore it.

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New Site DesignBlog Posts Revealing our Newest Sites!

We have been launching new Web site designs like crazy this year, and if you have been considering a new site, but haven't taken the plunge yet, give us a call for our best offers on a new Turnkey or Custom Site.

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