Custom Web Site Design
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Giving You an Edge with Custom Web Site Design
With many years of experience in the software design and development industry, we will create a custom Web site presence that will set you apart from your competition and provide your Web site the edge it needs to have your customer pick up the phone!

Our Custom Designs are based on a responsive design theme and will size appropriately on desktop, tablet or mobile device. Each Custom Design is created from scratch to best suit your property and your individual needs and tastes within the constraints of the Google guidelines for a responsive design.

Click Here to View our Custom Design Portfolio.

The Custom Design Process … “What to Expect”

If you are looking for a Total NEW Custom Site Design for your business, we will review your specific needs during and initial phone conference, and provide you with a Bid-Sheet Estimate, Services Contract, and Deposit Amount. Starter kits and individual online Webinars will then be provided to assist us in gathering all the needed information to design, develop, and market YOUR IDEAS!

Upon receipt of the Services Contract and Deposit Amount, your project will be scheduled. A conference call will be conducted to review the Starter Kits and schedule the first individual Webinar, and your custom project will be underway!

  • Time Billable at New Site Development Rates

A Custom12 page responsive Web Site Design, including On-Page SEO Marketing, Customized Blog and Web site Editor starts at…

if customer provides Professional Photography
$7750 + *T&E includes 8 hour On-Site Acorn IS Photo Shoot

*T&E (Photographer Travel and Expenses)
For additional Custom Web site “Inclusions” view the Comparison Sheet.

Looking for a less expensive option for updating your Web site?
Consider our Turnkey Design Solution instead of a full Custom design.

Can’t Decide between a Custom and a Turnkey Solution? Click Here for the Custom vs. Turnkey Comparison Sheet.