What is Club 60?
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Club 60 is open to any Acorn University Registrant who has taken to heart the advice that spending one (1) hour a day on their Web site and online presence is going to push them higher in the listings and drive more business to their door.  So, in an effort to give extra support to our innkeepers who are working diligently in today’s online world, we came up with the idea of Club 60 (as in 60 minutes a day!)

Motto: An Hour a Day and More Guests will Stay (and PAY!)

I absolutely know this works. When I was an innkeeper, the more time I spent on my Web presence the more guests I could get to find me, the busier I was and the more money I made. We know our Acorn-IS Innkeepers who try to do this also will attest to the fact that it works, and the rewards are worth the effort!

You may ask; what can an innkeeper do in 60 minutes a day? Well, here is a list of things that any innkeeper can do to help their bottom line (not just members of Club 60).

It’s not all inclusive, but it’s a great place to start!

  • Blog Posts
  • Twitter / Tweeting
  • Facebook Maintenance
  • Specials and Packages creation and updating to all listing systems
  • Provide Fresh Content by updating your Web site with current information
  • Monitoring Google Alerts, Twitter Alerts, Trip Advisor, etc.
  • Create and send E-newsletters
  • Monitoring and documenting SEO Benchmark Placement for site search phrases
  • Monitoring Blog Posts and Web Site Statistics, including Bounce Rates, Visitor Tracking and Referrals.
  • Miscellaneous: Attending training classes and Webinars, testing results on new Article Sites, gaining In-bound Links, trying new things to grow your business, etc

Acorn University registrants who are currently spending an hour a day (give or take) on those items above or are at least giving it their best effort, are welcome to join as a member of our “Club 60″.

  • As a “Club 60″ member, you will have access to other “Club 60″ members and will be able to share successes and ask questions via a global “Club 60″  Private Facebook Forum.
  • You will be invited to attend a monthly “Club 60″ Webinar designed to allow you to ask questions, bring forth issues, and get help regarding topics with which you are struggling.
  • You will be able to share with and learn from other innkeepers at the same time, having a member of Acorn Internet Services staff at your fingertips at no cost during these meetings.

By grouping everyone together who is trying to do the best they can to promote their inns, we can offer an hour or two a month to these “Club 60″ innkeepers at a combined monthly meeting to answer questions that would normally fall into our consultation fee category.

It’s just one more way we are supporting our industry!

If you are ready for the challenge of spending 1 hour a day on your Web presence, and are already a registered Acorn University Student, then please E-Mail club60@acorn-is.com to join The “Club 60″ Club!