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4th Quarter 2018 News - Are you keeping up or falling behind?

Every year our industry continues to become more and more complex. A year or two ago, the worst thing that was going to happen if an Innkeeper didn't keep up is they'd lose placement and thus bookings in Google. Something that with a concentrated effort, and a customized OTA strategy, an Innkeeper could recover from. But this is no longer the case. The ante has been upped, and now if you aren't staying on top of your own internet presence, recovery is going very difficult, and most likely impossible. ADA lawsuits are costing Innkeepers thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. Poor OTA and TripAdvisor strategies are eating into your profits more and more. And still there are Innkeepers that are trying to cut cost instead of get the help they need to get up to speed.

We have seen our Level 3 Advantage Plan participants grow from 15 +/- innkeepers in January of 2018 to 80 +/- innkeepers in 10 short months. Innkeepers are realizing they need someone to help them on an individualized basis. There is no way you can do all this on your own. You need to be creating a customized strategy to gain back your loss. You know when you are losing money, and we can help. Now is not the time to pull back with your marketing strategies. The only way you are going to overcome your loss is to learn to play the game by the new rules.

If you still haven't joined the Acorn Advantage Plan so we can help you with building that strategy, we implore you to do so before it's too late. There will be a point of no return. Some Innkeepers have already hit that point and have had to close their doors. We have the knowledge and the expertise to help you succeed. Please learn more about our Advantage Plan Programs, and then contact our Sales Team at 877-226-7699 or fill out a Sales Request for assistance.




The following topics may or may not affect you directly,
but for those that do, please make sure you are keeping up.

How to Determine Return on Investment from your Select Registry Membership – A Step by Step Tutorial - Attention Select Registry Members: As we understand, Select Registry announced on November 1, 2018 that your membership fees for Select Registry will automatically renew on January 1, 2019. Included in our Advantage Plan Program, we have been providing Select Registry …




Changing Reservation Systems? A Few Things to Keep In Mind - Changing reservation software entails more than just updating a few links on your website. These are the additional steps needed to make sure you’re not giving potential guests the wrong booking link and missing out on new business! If you …




Innkeepers who DO NOT Offer Same Day Bookings in BOOKING.COM - If you participate in, you will need to contact them before the end of the year to update your account to allow or NOT allow same-day booking. Depending on how your account was set up, you will have the …




Announcing Our Free Website Contest Winner! - We are very excited to announce the winner of our Free Website Contest! Congratuations to Marty & Carmel Etzel of Flag House Inn, Annapolis, MD! We will be working with Marty and Carmel to get their new bed and …




Get Going on your ADA updates before you Get Sued… Complete Approval Request NOW! - If you have already submitted a request for your ADA work to be done on your website, continue to watch for correspondence from Brandi Neely regarding your individual situation. Otherwise we highly suggest you continue reading and take action immediately. …




70% of Your Customers think they are Booking Direct when they are NOT! And We Have THE PROOF! - The majority of your potential guests do not realize that when they click the BLUE “Book a Room” in Google that they are not booking direct with you — And we have proof. Recently, Acorn Internet Services, Inc. in conjunction …




If you are concerned that 70% of your guests who think
they are booking direct with you when they are not...

We invite you to join us along with other Innkeepers in our industry for a Brain Storming Session, held in conjuction with AIHP and PAII memberships.

Date: December 12/2018
Time: 7am Alaska/8am Pacific/9am Mountain/10am Central/11am Eastern

Book Direct Brainstorming for our Industry - join us and bring your ideas about how we get the word out to your guests to "book direct".

Here are some topics that we would like to cover, but free feel free to suggest others during the call:

- How to use your management reviews to share the book direct message
- How do we get press for indvidual inns and the inustry
- What are best practices for selling direct on your website and reservation software
- Potential logo ideas that we can all ban together and use
- Catchy tagline - ex: "It's best when you book direct"
- Video promotions for your social media
- Getting the word out on social media




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