Advantage Plan Options

Innkeepers and small business owners can no longer rely on “JUST” their Website and/or Traditional Online Marketing Tasks to deliver the same ROI (Return on Investment) results at the same financial level (Revenue) that these Foundational Steps were capable of producing in the past.

These Foundational Steps must still be in place. However, if you want to succeed in today’s online world, you must develop, create, monitor, and manage your own individualized Strategic Marketing Plan on a monthly basis. The plan must successfully implement the items listed on the info-graphic roadmap below, and also stay current with any new items that will occur in the future. Without such a plan, you will not be able to maintain and grow your revenue as our online landscape continues to change on a daily basis.


Advantage Plan Roadmap


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If you’re not keeping up, or don’t even know where to start, we highly encourage you to join our Advantage Plan Program ASAP. Acorn Internet Services is the industry leader when it comes to understanding what’s affecting our Innkeepers’ bottom line. With access to our expertise and guidance, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to stay current.


Advantage Plan Options


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The Advantage Plan  “Explained”

When you subscribe to one of Acorn’s Advantage Plan programs, you are paying to receive and have access to our continually updated Expertise and Knowledge so you can manage and grow your business without making costly and detrimental mistakes. 


This information is provided in a variety ways:

  • Advantage Plan Email Alerts
  • Advantage Plan Webinars
  • Advantage Plan Private Blog
  • Advantage Plan Survey and Step by Step instructions to keep current


You will also have access to Client Dashboard including:

  • Calendar with all Advantage Plan Communications
  • Profile of your specific business so we can communicate specific issues as they occur
  • Blog Posts with Step by Step Instructions on topics that Innkeepers need to address
  • Dynamic Action Item Tracking


And you will be eligible for special offerings as TripAdvisor Business and Select Registry Listing Reviews, as they become necessary and available.


In order to succeed in today’s marketplace, you MUST establish an ongoing strategy in order to maintain / grow your business.  Innkeepers typically cannot create a plan such as this without expert guidance and direction.  Hit and miss mistakes are costly.  With our Advantage Plan Program, you will know what you need to do and how you need to do it.


Our Advantage Plan strategic items currently include, but are not limited to the following:


Web Design Maintenance
As per Google’s Mobile-First Algorithm, a separate mobile website is no longer acceptable. Your website must have a Responsive Design so that it automatically responds or adjusts to the screen on which its viewed (phone, tablet or desktop). As part of a Responsive Design, your web design should also include but is not limited to the following. (Typically, an Acorn IS-built website includes these items, as applicable.) Although these items are coded as part of your design, the additional work required to implement and maintain each of them is imperative to maintaining or growing your revenue.


Using Google to Grow Direct Traffic
For any Responsive Design to be successful, you must be considering all of Google guidelines and continually occurring changes.


Secure Server
Having your website stored on a secure server (HTTPS://) is vital. If your site is not on a secure server (HTTP://), then Google’s Chrome browser will alert visitors to your site to beware that the site is unsecure. Once your website has been moved to HTTPS://, you will need to make sure all inbound links to the site have been updated to HTTPS://, such as Trip Advisor, Directories, etc.


Traditional Online Marketing Tasks
Just having a website is no longer enough to sustain or grow your business. Unless you are the only property in town, you MUST be doing additional marketing tasks, such as Blogging, Social Media and Newsletters.


Paid Listings
Unless you are the only property in town, you can no longer ignore options to sell your rooms on outside directories including, but not limited to TripAdvisor,, Select Registry, AirBnB including Pay Per Click (PPC) options.


Enhanced Marketing Techniques and Support
All of the marketing techniques presented as part of our Advantage Plan Services are tried and true options. There are additional marketing options that some innkeepers are using and testing for validity.   These include, but are not limited Cart Stack, Triptease, The Hotels Network, Yelp Ads, Facebook Ads and Loyalty Programs.


Review Management
Forbes has indicated that 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. It is critical that Innkeepers constantly monitor and manage what is being said about them online.


Press and Print
It’s so easy to get caught up in all the “Online” marketing available for your business, that it’s easy to forget about the power of the Press and your Print materials. One well-published Press article can increase traffic to your site (and bookings) tremendously. Innkeepers should be aware of and capitalize on these opportunities as frequently as possible.


OTA and Revenue Management
In today’s competitive arena, it’s important to manage your room pricing. If you do not use an OTA, your pricing will NOT be available in GMB Local Listings (Google My Business) or TripAdvisor results. Although there are other ways to combat the lack of visibility, the first step is to realize that OTAs control much of the market today. Other players, such as the search engines, TripAdvisor, etc., all play off of OTA availability. If you don’t participate, then you’re not visible in these places. If you’re in a competitive area, you must understand how this will impact your business, for better or for worse. Revenue Management is just another term for managing your Direct and/or OTA pricing so you’re not too high or too low, providing you with the best opportunity to sell your rooms.


In 2018 alone, new legal requirements have moved from “potential” to “real” with topics such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Innkeepers across the U.S. are experiencing lawsuits and other legal actions because they have not taken the precautionary steps to make sure their websites and Third Party systems comply with these rules and regulations for GDPR and ADA.


Is your property for Sale?
Selling your property is no simple task. There are many factors to consider and decisions to make. For starters, how will you list the property: by owner, with a Realtor, a broker or a consultant


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