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ACORN NEWS January 1, 2007
Topics for this Acorn News release are listed below.

Topic 1: 2007 Contract Updates

Topic 2: Change in Acorn Monthly Hosting Fees Effective January 1, 2007

Topic 3: SnippetMaster Lite will no longer be supported starting January 1, 2007

Topic 4: New Years Resolution #1: Monitor your Web Traffic Stats!

Topic 5: New Years Resolution #2: FIND OUT which Marketing $$$ = BOOKINGS

Topic 6: Who Covers your Phone when YOU Can't?

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You should have received the addendum to the Acorn contract, which was attached with the Christmas card


that was mailed to you.  If you did not receive this then contact Marian at marian@acorn-is.com so that she can mail you the addendum to the contract.  An area of importance is when contacting Acorn to troubleshoot an issue, provide advice, or to do research is billable.  The exception is when Acorn has made a mistake that you are requesting be fixed.

This is the first time Acorn has increased its hosting fees (which include Urchin Tracker) since our company was founded in April 2002.  Even with

this increase, Acorn continues to offer an excellent value and unsurpassed security and reliability in its hosting services.  Thank you for making a note regarding this change which will be on your first quarter 2007 invoice delivered on April 1.

  • Effective January 1, 2007, hosting fees for basic web sites will be $15 per month.
  • Effective January 1, 2007, hosting fees for database driven web sites will be $25 per month.
Acorn will no longer support SnippetMaster Lite starting in 2007.   You are welcome to continue using the Lite version, but if there is an issue we will

not troubleshoot it.  This is because SnippetMaster is a complex program and sometimes has issues saving modified files correctly depending upon how the web page is coded.  This is especially an issue with sites that are developed by someone other than Acorn.  The Pro version allows for you to preview your changes before saving the file.  Doing this will reduce the number incorrectly saved pages.  Acorn highly recommends that you request an upgrade to the Pro version of SnippetMaster if you currently are using the Lite version.  There is a one time license fee of $24.95.  Acorn will install the license for you.


Among all of things you have promised to do in the coming year … did you include pulling and/or looking at your web site statistics?   You will be doing


yourself and your business a favor if you take the step to track the traffic to your web site.  No time to do it?  Not sure how to capture it all or what it means after you pull all those numbers? 

Let Acorn help you:  we are offering a MarketWatch-Lite report opportunity to all of our customers.  For a one time cost of $100, we will generate a spreadsheet of key elements of your stats, capped by an Executive Summary (mini analysis) and our recommendations.

Here’s what we will capture for you:

  • Unique Visitor Sessions by month for 2006
  • Total Web Site Bounces by month for 2006*
  • Unique Visitor Sessions to your Home Page by month for 2006
  • Bounces from your Home Page by month for 2006*
  • Link Popularity Stats
  • Top 100 Referrers to your site in 2006
  • Top 100 Search Terms used to enter your site in 2006
  • Entry Page patterns for 2006 How you place organically (free) on Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL on 1 key search phrase for your area

* You may already be asking yourself “what is a Bounce”:  it’s when a visitor loads your home page or another well marketed page on your web site but leaves immediately after that first look and never sees another page on your web site.   We’ll tell you if you are in an acceptable range and what you can do to improve your bounce rate.

Make this investment in your business as you start the New Year.  To sign up to receive this MarketWatch-Lite report (for delivery in the first quarter of 2007), contact Sharon Rowe at sharon@acorn-is.com.  An expanded version of this report is available on a monthly or quarterly basis to all customers.


Acorn’s exclusive Intell-a-Keeper tracking tool has proven to be the one true measure of what internet marketing efforts you are spending money on are


actually sending bookings to your inn.  There are lots of products and services out there that try to lure you in with promises of high visibility and success.  If you even for a moment consider spending $300-$500 on a paid directory listing, monthly pay-per-click budgets, or perhaps print media. why not take those same dollars and apply them to a one-time investment in a tool that will tell you whether all your other marketing investments are really paying off. 

Intell-a-Keeper DemoIt’s easy to get started, simply call (877) 226-7699 or e-mail mark@acorn-is.com today and we’ll tell you how it works. You can also view the demo or visit our web site www.intellakeeper.com 

Taking this step NOW will save you untold marketing dollars in the FUTURE!


Calling Inn is an answering service designed and dedicated to Inns and B & B’s of North America.  Their goal is to simplify your life and turn every inquiry into a


reservation. Day or night, Calling Inn provides your information to callers according to your individual needs and wishes. They are ready to customize a solution that reflects the unique experience of your Inn and the best part is the first 30 days are Free. 
Call 1-877-680-5500.

Contact Information: Alison Fitzpatrick
1-877-680-5500 | www.callinginn.com | info@callinginn.com

Calling Inn
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