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August 29 , 2012 - Acorn IS Newsletter

Phone System Changes

Contact Us 719-329-0977We've recently updated our main Phone System to include Project Manager Names in addition to their Departments.

Click Here for the full list of our Team's contact information.

0 - Annie Buck (Sales)
1 - Mark Hall (Customer Service, Support and Minor Development)
6 - 24 by 7 Emergency Assistance Coverage for Critical Down Situations
8 - Brandi Neely (Pre Development)
3 - Pam Prentice (New Development and Design)
2 - Helena Stamper (Marketing and Promotions)
5 - Sharon Rowe (Professional Client Services)
4 - Mark Kolb (Billing Escalations)

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Upcoming Conferences

Let us know if you plan to attend!2013 will be here before you know it, and we are already planning for the first of the year conferences we will be speaking at. Conferences are a great place to network with other Innkeepers in person.

If you plan on attending one or both of these conferences listed below, please click the survey icon and let us know! We look forward to seeing you then.

Mid Atlantic Innkeepers: Hunt Valley, MD (March 10-12, 2013)

Seasoned innkeepers, new innkeepers and aspiring innkeepers are invited to attend the 6th Annual Mid Atlantic Innkeepers Trade Show and Conference. Attendees will be from all over the Eastern Seaboard. [Click for Details]

PAII Innkeeping Show: Las Vegas, NV (January 28-31, 2013)

Join PAII, Select Registry and hundreds of innkeepers and industry vendors. This is your destination to build relationships, find goods and services and learn new ways to be successful in your profession. [Click for Details]

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Wendy Goldstein - Retiring from AcornRetiring

Wendy Goldstein, our Accounts Receivable Manager is retiring as of October 1, 2012. Wendy has been a huge help in organizing and tracking all our invoices each quarter since 2005.

We will miss her as she retires to have more time to travel, and continue running Two Sisters Inn in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

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Billing Inquiry Changes

Login to Acorn IS billing systemIn anticipation of Wendy's retirement from her Accounts Receiveable position, all billing inquires or questions regarding line items on your invoice will need to be addressed, in advance of the quarterly due date of the 16th, to the Team Member or Project Manager who did the work. Their names will be indicated on the invoice beside the work completed. Their contact information is on the Acorn IS Web site Contact Us Page.

The Team Member or Project Manager involved will respond directly to your billing inquires as that these calls will no longer be going to Wendy. Team members will escalate billing issues directly to Mark Kolb only when needed.

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NEW: 2013 Pre-Pay Hosting / E-Mail

New Payment Program with 5% SavingsWhen Acorn IS first began in 2002, we surveyed our customers and determined that the majority of you preferred to pay for Hosting and E-mail services after they had been used and a yearly fee paid in advance was not their first payment choice.

This is the first time EVER that Acorn IS is going to offer a Hosting and E-mail Pre-Payment for the upcomming 2013 year.

If you wish to Pre-Pay for your yearly Hosting and E-mail in advance for the following year, we will credit you a 5% savings of your total yearly Hosting and E-mail amount.

If you are interested in learning more about this new program, please E-mail for details.

Also, please let us know before before December 15, 2012 if you wish to enroll in the yearly savings program. Otherwise your Hosting and E-mail billing cycle will remain as is, being billed quarterly after each quarters use.

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