Steeles Tavern Manor & Alpine Hideaway CottagesA valued client since 2007
Ray & Melissa Alexander - Innkeepers at Steeles Tavern Manor and Alpine Hideaway Cottages
View Website Owners: Ray & Melissa Alexander
Location: Steeles Tavern, VA
Years in Innkeeping: 5
Rooms: 8
Acorn Is the Glue That Holds Our Internet Presence Together

Acorn always is on top of their game knowing the latest developments especially when it relates to Google. They keep their clients well informed. Their educational webinars through Acorn University are top notch. As an Acorn client, if you don’t the latest information in managing and conducting your online business, then it is your own negligence. Lisa and Annie are constantly pushing information your way.

Acorn does it all for us so we never needed to reach out to another company! They assisted greatly in resolving our biggest challenge in merging 2 property websites into a single business entity.  Our website layout is attractive and easy to navigate. It also is designed to allow us to manage our own content.  We constantly receive positive feedback from our guests that our website is great, easy to use and very informational.

We have been working directly with Lisa, Mark & Annie for many years and have been extremely satisfied with their commitment to our success.

A Note from the Team

Ray & Melissa have a gorgeous property in a lovely area of Virginia. They have both a B&B and cottages, which were once separated out as two business entities with two websites. Consolidating two websites can be very tricky, because of the digital baggage left behind. The Alexanders worked very hard to clean up old NAP+W so that they would not have those old internet listing skeletons pop out of the closet and mess up their Google placement! Their new responsive website, along with all of the hard work they did, and the use of OTAs, has helped them maintain a good placement in Google.