Star of Texas Bed & BreakfastA valued client since 2005
Deb Morelock
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Location: Brownwood, Tx
Years in Innkeeping: 17
Rooms: 3
Professional, Helpful, OK, just totally the Bomb!

I have been with Acorn for most of my years in innkeeping.  I new nothing about websites, SEO or any of the other things needed to make a site work.  They have been a constant source of education for me and totally helpful when I need them. They built and have helped maintain my beautiful website that I currently have. Because of their knowledge, I feel my business has been the best I could ever hope for in a web presence. Because Acorn has past innkeepers working for them, I feel their level of knowledge far exceeds that of just a company that builds websites.  They understand our needs and know what we go through on a daily basis and how we need things to work for our guest to have the best experience.

After my new website launched, I saw a climb in visits and bookings. Now with the changes that constantly go on with Google, my monthly classes have kept me up to date on what to do and what to watch for with my Analytics.  There was a major change for me this year, and when we thought my views were falling, actually Google was just sending me more qualified guests, so hits down but revenue up.

I love the whole “bunch of Acorns” that I get to work with, more like family to me  than just website developers.

A Note from the Team

Debbie Morelock is a wonder! She’s a zen Texan who runs a very cool property in Hill Country. Debbie is an Acorn U student who puts her education into practice. Debbie has one of the first premium-type responsive sites that we built. It’s a beautiful site that reflects the whimsicality of Star Of Texas Bed & Breakfast. Debbie is on the ball with all of the changes in Google guidelines. I know that as soon as Lisa tells our Club 60 members about something that should be done to help maintain or increase internet placement, Debbie will be contacting us to make the update. We love our Acorn U students, and Debbie is among the best in the bunch!