Red Bud Cove Bed and Breakfast SuitesA valued client since 2006
Rick Carpenter, Innkeeper at Red Bud Cove Bed and Breakfast
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Location: Branson, MO
Years in Innkeeping: 25
Rooms: 8
Acorn is the Best in Every Way!

After having been with a reputable website development and marketing company for several years, I met Lisa Kolb.  Her prior experience as an innkeeper, combined with her wealth of knowledge of internet marketing, her enthusiasm and her ability to effectively communicate her knowledge to others were compelling reasons to become a client of Acorn.

This first exposure to Acorn was in conjunction with the development of a new website for our state bed and breakfast association.  Acorn was selected and did an excellent job–and did so on a timely basis.  Because of this, I selected Acorn to develop and host a new website for our bed and breakfast.  Our personal experience was as excellent as it was for our state association–and has been so ever since.

We have been an Acorn client for ten years, starting with the initial website they developed and then our current responsive website both of which have served us so well.  And, in recent years, our mobile site has also paid big dividends.  In addition to that, we love the benefits provided by “Intell-a-Keeper”  – a unique business tracking system provided by Acorn.

In addition to providing excellent products, I also cannot say enough about the quality of service provided by the Acorn family.  Mark Kolb, co-founder of Acorn, has been invaluable to us in many ways including setting up our wonderful email system.  And, Amy Buck has jumped though hoops for us many times over the years.  You can count on whoever serves you at Acorn to do so professionally in every way.

A Note from the Team

Red Bud Cove is a long-standing property in Branson that had been a long-time Acorn client. We built an html site for him back in 2006, and he started working with Intell-a-Keeper. After several years, the website had become older and needed an update. Rick was one of the brave innkeepers who dove right into the Responsive wave – we built his new site in 2012. We appreciate our long-term customers like Rick who are keeping up with technology and not afraid to try new things!