Morehead Manor Bed and BreakfastA valued client since 2008
Monica Edwards, Innkeeper at Morehead Manor
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Location: Durham, NC
Years in Innkeeping: 19
Rooms: 4
Knowledge Worth Its Weight in Gold!

Acorn keeps me up to date with the latest tech stuff  – explains things so that even a non-techie could be empowered to manage their own web presence successfully.         Lisa and her team of folks are very knowledgeable and do a great job of keeping up with the latest changes that effect our web presence.  They are patient and will work to find the answers if they don’t know. The Acorn team really cares about its customers.

A Note from the Team

Monica is a wonderful Acorn U student. She is always improving her inn, and her inn’s internet presence. Monica has been with Acorn for several years, not only as an individual inn owner, but also on behalf of the associations with which she works. Monica is great to work with, as she knows what she likes, and what will appeal to her customers. We appreciate her determination and excellent taste in website design!