Grape Arbor Bed and BreakfastA valued client since 2008
Peggy Hauser, Innkeeper of Grape Arbor Bed & Breakfast
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Location: North East, PA
Years in Innkeeping: 16
Rooms: 8
Acorn Keeps Me Up to Date

Being a single owner of a B&B, leaving to go to a conference is a big deal for me.
Acorn’s educational programs keep me informed about changes in technology and the industry that I would not have otherwise been aware of. Because Acorn understands the B&B business, they give me information specific to this industry, so I don’t have to translate or figure out how it applies to me. Last year was the first full year of my new updated site, and the best year yet…mostly because people can find me on any device.   Acorn understands me and talks in a language that I understand.

A Note from the Team

Peggy has been with Acorn since 2008, and we’ve built her two new sites since then. The one constant thing about technology is that it’s always changing – a conundrum that can stump small business owners. Peggy has been on the forefront of changes, an early adopter when we went from HTML sites to CSS, and then to responsive, when it became clear that mobile is the way of the future. She’s got an artistic eye, and always chooses unusual and gorgeous colors for her sites. Working with someone who knows what they want is awesome, and we really appreciate Peggy’s knowledge and skill!