Bross Hotel Bed & BreakfastA valued client since 2007
Linda Lentz, Innkeeper of Broaa Hotel Bed & Breakfast
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Location: Paonia, CO
Years in Innkeeping: 16
Rooms: 10
B&B Technology Guru

Acorn Internet Services has hosted the Bross Hotel Bed and Breakfast web site for 9 years.  During that time bed and breakfasts and technology have become entwined in a never-ending dance with new steps being incorporated before the old ones have been mastered.  As technology introduces its new steps, Acorn IS has become the dance master.  Lisa, Mark, and their colleagues have helped me move from a simple web site to the use of social media.  From a computer based web site to having a mobile presence and now to a responsive web site.  As the dance progresses it becomes less improv because Acorn monitors the steps and teaches its dancers the new steps.  Thank you for the lessons.

A Note from the Team

Linda’s Bross Hotel can be found in a little town in Colorado called Paonia and has been a client for many years.  Linda most recently engaged Acorn IS to upgrade her old web presence (without Mobile) to a Responsive Site as encouraged by Google’s Guidelines.   As with many of our clients, Linda realized that though her property may have a historical feel, its need for current technology to continue to drive guests will keep the Hotel’s history alive well into the future!