Avenue Inn Bed and BreakfastA valued client since 2011
Joe and Bebe Rabhan
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Location: New Orleans, LA
Years in Innkeeping: 15
Rooms: 17
Acorn Internet Services - What's in your wallet?

We are a Bed and Breakfast Inn. We operate in a very competitive city. Acorn has made it possible for us to maintain market position for the past four years. Yes, it costs money to have them help, but at the end of the day its what we gain in market share and profitability that counts. What’s in our wallet? A lot more with the guidance of Acorn than without their expertise!

Because we were not “squeaky clean” with our NAP on the web, we did not have relevance and we were losing ranking position on Google search for our key words. Once Acorn showed us the deficiencies, we did some work at their instruction and we popped back up to the top of the rankings. We have been there ever since. We estimate that being in this position represents at least 15-20% of our total revenue. Its incremental income that we would lose with out the right guidance.

Marketing a Bed and Breakfast or Small Inn in this day and age requires skill, focus and determination. Acorn’s valuable educational programs are the only way we can stay on top of the almost daily changing criteria that is “Internet Marketing.” With all of the managerial responsibilities we have in our operation, we have little time to stay up with the the “latest and greatest” performance nuances made by almighty Google. Acorn shines a bright light down the tunnel of the unknown so we can see the direction we need to pursue. Can’t say enough about the professionalism and service we receive from the entire staff.

A Note from the Team

 Joe and Bebe have been Innkeeping for quite a while, and we have met with them at out booth, at various conferences, over the years.  Once Google changed their rules on NAP (Name Address and Phone) criteria a few years ago, Joe and Bebe came to Acorn IS for help with restoring their Google Placement.  With a new site, and a lot of clean-up work that Joe and Bebe did following our direction, we know they are pleased to be back at the top of the Google listings, both local and organic, for their main search phrase New Orleans Bed and Breakfast.   Joe and Bebe, great job on the cleanup!  And as Acorn University students, we know you’ll keep up the good work as you continue to stay on top of Google’s latest changes as we report them!