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Roxanne Kolbe
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Location: Cloverdale, CA
Years in Innkeeping: 6
Rooms: 8
Acorn is indispensable. I would be lost without them

I believe that the health of my bed and breakfast is 80% dependent upon its internet marketing presence, and Lisa Kolb and her fine team are my web doctors. So…. Nobody ever bought a bed and breakfast because they wanted to make money, right, and between construction cost overruns, failing septic systems, forest fires and the such, it’s a wonder that we’re still in business! Had it not been for Acorn, I don’t think we would have made it through some of the tough years.

Lisa Kolb is the creative genius of Acorn. Frankly, she doesn’t beat around the bush and neither do I, so I’ll just say it. I believe that she is THE best internet marketing doctor on the planet.  When we get together, or even talk on the phone, she fills my head with so much possibility that I know I’ll spend the next year trying to execute the onslaught of ideas that germinate from our conversations. So…. Make no mistake, I AM her biggest fan.  Because…..she answers my relentless questions with the patience of a parent speaking to a child; she listens to my long winded diatribes when I feel wronged by internet mafia gorillas like Trip Advisor, lets me yell like a banshee.  And THEN she goes to work on finding solutions to my problems.  She listens, she learns, she researches. And THEN  –she comes up with a plan, which she patiently explains to me—in ENGLISH  And THEN she brings in the team.

So… as much as I love Lisa Kolb, it takes an amazingly talented team to follow up on her direction. She will never give up on an idea until all possibilities are exhausted. Her team MUST be organized, MUST be creative, MUST be leading edge, MUST be responsive. Their boss demands it because it’s the way she’s wired. Her high standards are rewarded with a RIDICULOUSLY low employee turnover rate, and that tells me she is a great manager of people, which, to my way of thinking is a very accurate barometer of a business’ health. Your people tell the story.

Our new responsive website is truly a Cadillac, with more bells and whistles than I will ever even recognize.  It’s opened up a world of new possibilities for us on the social media and internet marketing arenas, and Acorn continues to help us streamline and refine our marketing communications.  Each quarterly web check-up identifies new opportunities for us that would go unnoticed without our amazing we doctors.  To my way of thinking, Acorn is indispensable. I would be lost without them.

A Note from the Team

Mark and I have personally know Roxanne for many, many years.  Before she purchased her Inn in California’s beautiful wine country, she worked as a realtor in Colordo selling Bed and Breakfast Inns.   Roxanne has an amazing property on the edge of a vineyard, coupled with a desire to continue to grow her business.   Her newest endeavor, the “Vin-Van” transportation option for her guests allow them to ride in luxury to a variety of partnering vineyards and wine taste without the worry of driving is a huge hit and marketing opportunity that others in her area are not providing!   Roxanne is one of those driven innkeepers that are constantly on the lookout for the next great idea!