At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast InnA valued client since 2005
Patti Wiles
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Location: Asheville, NC
Years in Innkeeping: 18
Rooms: 6
Smooth your Sales - Acorn Internet Services

Most of us come to innkeeping from another field.  We may have excelled in that field but the navigation of your new career can prove both costly and more importantly, ineffective without the right guidance.  Your internet presence is your opportunity to present your best to the purchasing public.  While no one would say an enticing website style is unimportant no one knows the guidelines and elements of website composition better than Acorn.  They are state of the art and state of design neatly rolled into a package you can manage.
Whether you choose to hire Acorn to be a full service provider of your website, hosting, marketing, blog and social media provider or due to your budget and or curiosity  choose to become more learned about exactly what  works in the success of your business~they’ve got your back.  They employ not some fly by night, picked out of the air strategy.~ By careful, thorough and ongoing exploration of what is expected by Google and following that paradigm through each and every change, they keep on top of vast amounts of ever changing data.   This is not a one time, stagnant lesson.  It is a rolling force that must be constantly re-evaluated to keep current.  They are on it every day delivering to all their lucky clients the very best information out there.

In 2005 our inn was not enjoying the market share it had before that time.  We’d owned the inn since 1999.  I was not educated in marketing, internet & computers. Having worked in the medical field since 1974, this was  not my field of expertise.   It became apparent that we needed to make a change and we hired Acorn. In the ensuing years as we learned and grew our business, I can honestly report,  it was the very best business decision we made.  Further, due to Club 60, Acorn University and many hours spent with Lisa, Sharon, Annie and company, I will never have to be completely reliant upon all of the many loonie tunes that will call businesses purporting to “”have the answer”” to all  your problems.  Presto Chango!  Regretfully,  there is no Presto Chango but there is Acorn Internet Services and they will provide every tool you need and want to learn about how to have a successful internet presence.

Frankly, being in business is not the same as working a job.  In our lives working for others, whether that business was faring well or poorly, our paychecks arrived.  In business, you make your own check! You might also be responsible for the  fiscal well being of others.  The stress of that can be daunting.  Most especially when you may lack all the knowledge you need to be successful.  I can think of no more “internet dependent” business than Innkeeping.  It is the mirror reflection of what you offer.  It is more than possible to be offering the best inn experience in the world BUT if no one knows you are out there~that is all for naught.  Every Thanksgiving since 2005, when we sit at our table to give thanks for all those in our lives we are grateful for~We don’t forget Lisa, Mark, Sharon, Annie and all those Acorn staffers working to help us thrive as innkeepers. Their support, kindness, understanding and true dedication has been a constant blessing.  I recommend them without reservation.

A Note from the Team

Mark and Lisa met Patti and Gary at an NCBBI conference many, many years ago.  They had lost placement for “Asheville Bed and Breakfast”, and thus were losing revenue, and were looking for answers.  Google had recently updated their algorithm to penalize multiple site content.  And Patti’s current web master at the time, had promoted duplicate web pages.  With a little work, we were able to get them down to one Inn Site, and obtain Google’s forgiveness.   Since then, Google has caused more than one hic-up in their placement, as they continue to change what the penalize and reward, but I’m happy to say that Acorn IS has always been able to discover the issue, and offer assistance in keeping the top of the listings placement.  Patti and Gary, thank you for your faith in our company to support and continue to drive you quality traffic, no matter what Google thinks up next!