1825 Inn Bed and BreakfastA valued client since 2005
Will McQueen
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Location: Hershey, PA
Years in Innkeeping: 12
Rooms: 8
Phenonemon Growth, Thanks Acorn

Thanks to All that Acorn offers my business is now worth 4x what I paid. I have been with Acorn for all of my twelve years in business. I’ve seen and heard so many, with other Internet service companies, do nothing but complain. So after twelve years, I’m very satisfied with Acorn. I purchased a Turn-Key Bed and Breakfast which had no bookings on the books. I  switched to  Acorn right a way and have never looked back. Acorn has always done a phenomenal job on my Web Designs always keeping me up to-date!! My business has grown from 0% occupancy to 61% over the years.

Thank You Acorn University – I have been with Acorn University from the beginning and it has always grown my business every year. As an Innkeeper it is hard to get away from your inn but thanks to Acorn for everything they do and have taught me, I’ve never missed their excellent webinars….. I can do 8-10 weeks of vacation every year!

As long as I have the Inn, Acorn will be my Internet provider and teacher. The money I have saved over the years from listening, learning and executing for my business is invaluable…….. Thank You Acorn Staff!!!

A Note from the Team

Will is one of those really unusual and special innkeepers!  Over a decade ago he decided he wanted to own his own business, but had never stayed at an Inn before.  So, without any “Bed and Breakfast” background, classes or education whatsoever he proceeded to purchase a property just on the outskirts of Hershey PA.  He is one of our very first “blank canvas” Innkeepers.  Whatever we suggested, or advised, he jumped on and got done.  It wasn’t unusual to find Will attending our weekly Acorn University Webinars from Italy or other amazing location where you could find him visiting his kids.  His willingness to be the first to try out any of Google’s new option has driven his revenue through the roof.  Will is definitely the poster boy for any Innkeeper out there who is brand new to our industry.  Just like Will, you can do anything you set your mind to, as long as you are learning how to do it right the first time from those who know what works and what doesn’t!