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ACORN NEWS September 1 , 2009

We have been tracking a new algorithm that Google is developing called "GOOGLE CAFFEINE".

If you have been faithfully watching our Tweets and our Blog you are already aware of Googles changed (but currently in test only) Caffeine Algorithm.

NEW Google Caffeine search puts more emphasis on "real time" results, as to be more in line with both Twitter and Facebook search results. (The proverbial keeping up with the Jones concept.)

Do keep in mind that Google provides approximately 75% of all searches done in the world.

Will Google infuse their Caffeine algorithms into their current Classic Google algorithms? Time will tell.

But, there are things you can do NOW to ...

a - Prepare for such an occurrence
b - Help your Organic listings as they exist right now

All innkeepers (at the bare minimum) need to be...

a - updating their site frequently (once a week is not too much)
b - adding new pages to their site (this can be done by writing a blog post at least once a week)
c - continuing to build quality incoming links to your web site

Note: We are finding customers that have released FULL NEW DESIGNS in the past 6+ months are also fairing very well in the Google Caffeine Search. This is probably because the whole entire site contains "FRESH" new code.

The internet is changing so quickly, and we know it's a daunting task to keep up, but this is one area where you CANNOT afford to get left behind.

Test this for yourself...

1 - Go to your webpage
2 - Determine your top search phrase (blue line, upper left hand corner of the screen)
3 - Test your organic placement in Google Classic (what is running currently)
4 - Test your organic placement in Google Caffine (potential new algorithm being provided by Google)

Remember that organic is BELOW the map and is not related to anything that says SPONSORED.

Here are just a few results of our blogging customers ...

Inn Name Classic Caffeine
Whispering Pines
SP: Ohio Bed and Breakfast
pg 2 # 4 pg 2 # 2
The Carriage House Inn
SP: Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast
pg 2 # 8 pg 1 #10
White Doe Inn
SP: Outer Banks Bed and Breakfast
pg 1 # 7 pg 1 # 5
Harvest Moon
SP: Lancaster Bed and Breakfast
pg 2 # 1 pg 1 # 9
Munro House B&B
SP: Michigan Bed and Breakfast
pg 2 # 4 pg 2 # 2

Do you place higher? Lower? The same?

Now is the time to act. Come to our next Blog Webinar. Get on the bandwagon. At the very least, commit to updating your site regularly.

We are finding that innkeepers who do this on their own (IE: no / low cost) are consistently showing higher organic placement than innkeepers who don't.

I personally believe that very soon, it's going to get to where you won't be able to pay a company to get you placement that competes with a well educated innkeeper who works on their site regularly.

Finally, a note about Organic Placement, if you haven't had your organic SEO (titles, metas, etc.) updated in the past 12-18 months, we encourage you to contact our Marketing Project Manager.

We've been providing our customers excellent SEO for 7 years, but Google continues to change. Your site will benefit from an SEO update if it hasn't been attended to in a while. Again, FRESH CONTENT will help your organic placement in Google, and all the other search engines for that matter.

Don't get left behind, catch-up takes time. Failure to take action can ultimately hurt your bottom line.

Lisa Kolb
Acorn IS


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