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ACORN NEWS March 11, 2007

In an effort to better serve our customers, as of Monday, March 12, 2007,  Acorn Internet Services is announcing their new Online Ticket Support system. This ticket system is provided by Billing Orchard, the same company Acorn uses to handle invoices and billing.

After a NEW CUSTOMER has had their site go LIVE and the 'New Design', 'Re-Design' or 'Web Site Marketing Only' phase is completed, all support requests will now need to be submitted through the online ticket system. That way, no request will be lost. If you currently have a support person you prefer to work with, you may by all means include that person's name in the request.  If your person of choice is available to do the work, that work will be assigned as requested.

All correspondence will need to occur via the ticket system. You will have a link to REPLY to any open item, please use the link provided.  Do not hit REPLY or your response will not be recorded in the ticket system.

Also, by keeping all support requests in the ticket system, each customer may log into their account at any time to see updates regarding any open tickets they may have. Customers will also be able to log in and review past tickets as needed. Everything will now be kept on file for future reference.

In addition to the new Online Ticket System, Support Coverage will no longer be handled through the toll free number. The toll free number will be used only for Sales calls via a message system.

If you need to submit a support request, you may do so by clicking the Help Desk icon at www.acorn-is.com

If you prefer not to submit your request through the online ticket system you may either E-Mail support@acorn-is.com directly or call 719-329-0977 and Choose 1 for Support.

Additional Administrative fees may apply for either of these options.

In addition, customers will now be able to reach the following departments directly from the 719-329-0977 number.

Choose 1 for Support
Choose 2
for the Sales and Marketing Manager
Choose 3 for the Development Manager
Choose 4 for Billing
Choose 5 for 24/7 Emergency Assistance Coverage for critical "SERVICE DOWN" situations.

Finally, the info@acorn-is.com E-Mail address is being phased out. It is being replaced by the new ticket system. Please update your address books accordingly.

  • Request for new photos be added
  • Request to change text such as rates, room descriptions, etc.
  • SnippetMaster Questions
  • Search Engine Placement Questions, Review and Requests
  • Online Submission Questions
  • Questions regarding linking from other sites to build Link Popularity
  • Web Site Design Questions, Review and Requests
  • Urchin Statistics Tracking Questions, Review and Requests
  • Pay Per Click Questions, Review and Requests
  • Intell-a-Keeper Questions, Review and Requests
  • E-Mail Issues such as forwarding changes, spam filter setting, etc.
  • Domain Registration Questions
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