Acorn Product Announcement: Would you like to put MORE MONEY in your Pocket and KEEP IT THERE?  ~~~ Yes It really is Possible - Read More Below to Learn How!

Dear Valued Acorn Customer,


  • Are you paying monthly to fund Pay Per Click Programs such as Google Adwords or Overture?

  • Are you paying for any local advertising such as Visitors Bureaus, State Associations or Regional Marketing Groups?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, your business would benefit from a new product Acorn is offering. It's called INTELL-A-KEEPER™, and it provides you the intelligence to make smart decisions as to where you should be spending your marketing dollars to receive the most return on your investment.

For about the cost* of a one Room Weekend Booking you can have INTELL-A-KEEPER™ installed on your web site.

* Installation is a one time cost, and varies from customer to customer. The estimate above is only a comparison of average cost to install.


Monthly Usage Fees for

$10 a month if you are an Acorn IS Hosting Customer

$20 a month if you
DO NOT HOST with Acorn IS

As an Acorn Hosting Customer you already receive URCHIN Tracker (now going by the name of Google Analytics) for FREE. URCHIN tells you all about the TRAFFIC coming to your site. INTELL-A-KEEPER™ takes you one step further and will tell you where your BOOKINGS are coming from.

YES, You really can KNOW WHERE YOUR BOOKINGS ARE COMING FROM on the internet. INTELL-A-KEEPER™ tells you which of your online directories, PPC (Pay Per Click) Phrases and organic web site marketing is working for you. With this knowledge you NOW HAVE THE POWER to better allocate your Marketing Budget with confidence!

You really can put more Money in your Pocket and keep it there by not paying for advertising that is only sending you traffic that never turns into a booking or reservation.

To SIGN UP NOW Please call us at 877-226-7699

(or) You can print, complete and US Mail the online contract and cost sheet at

(or) You may E-MAIL us with any questions you may have.


"I’m truly amazed to find out who is actually sending me the most room bookings vs. the directories that I knew I was getting the most hits from (based on my URCHIN statistics).  The directories that I knew I was getting the most traffic from didn’t necessarily turn out to be the ones where the most actual reservations were coming from.  So, this year I will be able to review my marketing budget with my INTELL-A-KEEPER™ data at my fingertips, which will most certainly impact where I put my advertising monies."

Bebe - White Doe Inn - Manteo, NC

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"We've been using INTELL-A-KEEPER™ for the past 8 months, and have been thrilled with the results. It provides a number of ways to get detailed information about how our guests that are booking with us are actually finding us. It's often difficult to get a guest to TELL YOU accurate information as to exactly where they found you. Often times you'll get an answer that's either "the internet", or a "google search", or something similar. Through INTELL-A-KEEPER™ we're able to find out exactly which web sites the guest found us on, which search engine they used, and which search terms they used, which helps in determining pay per click keywords. It is extremely easy to use, and provides quite detailed information. We have used it to help us decide which places we market with are worth the continued investment, and which ones are not. It is well worth the minimal cost."

Debbie - Rocky Mountain Lodge - Cascade, CO

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"The success of a business in today's competitive market is often advertising  based.  It is no secret that small business does not have unlimited amounts of money to achieve this success.

Acorn's INTELL-A-KEEPER™ unveils the mystery of what is effective and what is not. This powerful knowledge allows one to allocate available funds to efficient and proven use.  Acorn has taken the void and made light. "

Patti and Gary - Cumberland Falls - Asheville, NC

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