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February 12, 2018 - First Quarter Acorn IS News

2018 AIHP Conference

We look forward to seeing all of you who plan to attend the conference in Norfolk this year.

We will be presenting spotlight sessions on Monday at 10:00 with a repeat performance at 2:15 where we are going to be covering all the things “Beyond your Website” that is potentially controlling your online business presence, and how we have created our new Advantage Plans options to help innkeepers navigate this ever changing marketing landscape.

Then, on Wednesday at 9:00 am we will be teaching the session “10 Steps to Making Google Happy and Improving your Revenue”.

Finally, we will be moderating a brain storming session on Tuesday at 7:30 am for any of our Level 3 Advantage Plan clients. We will be using Market Watch data as a starting point for this discussion and information sharing session. Please E-mail if you are a Level 3 Advantage Plan client and haven’t already registered to participate in this unique opportunity.

Travel safely, and please stop by the booth to say “Hi”.


HTTPS:// Secure Server Reminder Request

If you haven't already submitted your request to upgrade your Website to a secure server (HTTPS://) please continue reading -- Google has recommended that all websites be hosted on secure HTTPS:// servers because they want the data being transferred online to be encrypted. Please take a moment to read through the article: The impending HTTPSTROPHE to better understand why you need to convert your website over to a Secure Server and how not doing so could impact your bookings.

If you are already hosting with Acorn IS and would like to have your site upgraded to an HTTPS:// secure server, please complete the request form below.




Is your Inn for Sale? Or are you a New Owner?

As that there are so many Acorn IS inns currently on the market, I am adding a new project management position to help us keep track of your progress. Brandi Neely will be filling this position. If your inn is for sale, and we haven't already contacted you regarding your sale information, please contact Brandi directly so that we may share the various services we offer our Inn for Sale Innkeepers.

On the other side of the sale, perhaps you are a new owner within the past 12 months (+/-), who has just purchased a property where the previous owner employed Acorn Internet Services as their Web Services Provider?

We'd love to send you a copy of the "New Owner" Ultimate Handbook at no charge.




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