Acorn Internet Services, Inc.

October 11, 2017

Exciting NEW Service Plan Advantage Options and Billing Updates for 2018

Here at Acorn, we have been studying and sharing trends and strategies for the past 15 years, and 2017 by far, has seen more changes in our industry than we’ve ever had to deal with in the past. This year has clearly established itself as a turning point for the management of an Innkeepers’ Online Web Presence.

With that in mind, we are looking forward with enthusiasm and determination to 2018. We are working on new options to better serve all of our clients, from the smaller B&B’s to the large Inns, including our non-lodging business owners. We want you to know we continue to have your best interests at heart, and will be sharing with you exciting new options for “bundled” services options. We plan to make these options available for the upcoming year.

  • For our smaller properties and lifestyle Innkeepers, we will continue to provide quality hosting, email services, and support at affordable rates.
  • For our larger properties and non-lodging business owners, we will be sharing new and innovative ways we can help you stay on top of all these changes, and continue to grow your business.

Stay tuned! We’ll be sharing more soon!

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