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October 30 , 2012 - Checking on Innkeepers affected by Sandy

Annie and I made a handful of phone calls to some of our Innkeepers that were in the path of Sandy yesterday. We were able to reach most of those we contacted by phone. Some were under mandatory evacuation, and have heard from various contacts in their areas that their properties are intact, with some amount of water and wind damage. They will all be able to learn more once the mandatory evacuations lift and they can all return home.

If you were impacted by Sandy, and have been able to receive this email, please let us know you are ok, and if there is anything we can do to assist.

Email us at: or call 877-226-7699.

The one thing our Innkeepers who were impacted by this storm shared was that they were receiving calls and inquires of past guests who wanted to make sure they were OK.

So, once you are able, and feel comfortable sharing information about your particular situation with the public, remember when doing so, to use all options at your finger tips.

- Share your stories on Facebook, Twitter and Google + including any photos, or videos on YouTube you are comfortable sharing.

- Write a newsletter letting everyone know you and the Inn are ok, and when you’ll be open for business again. As that some of you in the storm areas close for the winter, it doesn’t hurt to keep in touch now and then again when you do re-open.

- Update your “Innkeeper’s Corner” on your home page to keep people up to date with any storm related information.

- Offer to “Share your Story” with a local Newspaper, Radio or TV station.

Please join all of us at Acorn IS in keeping our friends and co-Innkeepers, and all those involved in Sandy rescue efforts, in our thoughts and prayers.

Lisa Kolb
Acorn IS
President and Co-Founder

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