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First Quarter 2012 News (March 15, 2012)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Urchin Stats Shutdown

On September 2, 2010 Acorn Internet Services announced that we would be shutting down Urchin statistics and offered to convert any clients over to Google Analytics at no charge. Urchin was acquired by Google in April 2005 and their system was used as the basis for Google Analtyics that we all know and love today! Our offer for a FREE Google Analytics install ended on May 1, 2011.

Google is officially discontinuing support for the
Urchin software product on March 28, 2012
At which point Urchin statistics will no longer be accessible.

If you are a client that has used Urchin, via Acorn Internet Services, in the past and you have not yet exported the reports that you wish to archive, please Click Here to Watch the Video on How to Export Your Report Data and do so before March 28, 2012.

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Are you in Need of a New Web Site Design?

New Site DesignWe are here to Help!

We offer both high end Custom Designs and more moderately priced Turnkey Designs.

Both are exceeding our client’s expectations for bookings and increasing guest’s user satisfaction!

Here are a few customer comments regarding their New Web site Design Success! Click Here to read them all!

...for the first 60 days of 2012, I’m currently up 27 rooms over last year and knocking on the door of all time highest occupancy!

...and crazy busy with the reservations it is generating!  Since launch, it’s like managing an entirely different property — our advance reservations are running far ahead of 2011, which was our best year since taking over...

...Year to year revenue increased by 26% the first month we launched the website. Month number two, it increased by 49%! ... Our online booking success rate has gone from 1.6% to 4.8% since launching the website...’s only been up for 5 weeks and I’m kicking myself for not having it done years ago...

If you are considering a new Web Site Design, please take a moment and read our latest Blog Post: Your Business’s Most Important Marketing Asset!

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1st Quarter Acorn IS Blog Recap

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Don't Miss Out On Important NEWS as it Happens!

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Your Business’s Most Important Marketing Asset
How well is your Web site working for you?
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Highlights from the Mid Atlantic Conference and Trade Show 2012
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The Future of Bed & Breakfast Custom Facebook Landing Pages & Apps
Statistics indicate Facebook is NOT a large referal of traffic or bookings.
3/01/2012 [Read]

New Facebook Pages for Business - Timeline Feature
How to update your Business Facebook layout VIDEO before March deadline.
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iProduct Statistics and your Business
Are you aware of how many of your guests view your site on an smart device?
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The Innkeeper’s Web Services Marketing Budget
Compare your Web Service Budget to others in the Industry...
2/21/2012 [Read]

The Difference Between Share Buttons and Social Media Links
Your guests can still SHARE you without your involvement in Social Media.
2/17/2012 [Read]

Results on the “To Own or Not to Own” Survey
Do you know who owns your Web site? Is it you?
2/07/2012 [Read]

Google Blogger Housekeeping!
Beginning of the year reminder for Google Bloggers, BACK UP YOUR POSTS!
1/10/2012 [Read]

Google + Television Commercial Advertising
Is your Business Google +ing? Watch the video to see why you should be! 12/29/2011 [Read]

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Free Aspiring and Newbie Classes

Aspiring and Newbie InnkeepersYou have a Dream? It doesn’t have to become a Nightmare! As a past innkeeper owner myself, I remember how exciting it was being an Aspiring Innkeeper! But, no amount of classes, planning or designing can really prepare you for the real thing. What really matters at the time of moving from aspiring to owning is your ability to successfully manage everything you’ve only really read, studied or heard about up to this point. Acorn Internet Services is now offering Aspiring Newbie Webinars, currently at no charge. Once a month an Experienced Innkeeper Guest Speaker will offer tips for Excellent Innkeeping, we'll cover Basic Skill Topics, and offer ongoing homework to make sure you are ready when the time comes! More...

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Need Help? Ask about a Managed Solution

Acorn University is our DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solution for Innkeepers that need a low cost solution for keeping up with their Internet Marketing Presence. We also realize there are those that may have the budget and prefer a Managed Solution where we do all the work for you that our Acorn University Students learn to DIY. If you are an Innkeeper that would like us to handle the items below for you, please contact Sharon Rowe at to discuss.

Items that should be occuring Daily, Weekly or Monthly...

Blogging, Social Media Posting and Monitoring, Traffic and Booking Statistics Monitoring, Press, Newsletters, Review and Reputation Management Monitoring, Video Management, PPC (Pay Per Click), Link and Citation Building, Placement (Local and Organic) Monitoring and Monthly Review with an Assigned Project Manager.

Managed Solution Packages start at $1500 a month.

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FFA (Free For All) Webinar March 29, 2012

7 am AK, 8am Pacific, 9am Mtn, 10am Central, 11 am Eastern

Free Webinar - Review and Reputation ManagementReview and Reputation Management

- Why you need to Monitor your Reputation
- How to Monitor your Reputation
- Tools to Help you Monitor your Reputation

Click Here to Register

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