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Hot off the Presses - In this release of Acorn News (March 19, 2011)

FREE Conversion from Urchin to Google Analytics Soon to Come to an End...

Google AnalyticsWe have been working diligently to move innkeepers from Urchin Statistics to Google Analytics for the past 6 months for FREE.

[See Original Announcement]

Soon this FREE Conversion will be over, and the 2-3 hours of time it takes to complete this conversion is going to become billable.

SO DON'T WAIT! If you want to have us convert you from the Urchin Statistics program (which will be going offline at the end of this year) to Google Analytics at NO CHARGE...

E-Mail ASAP to get the process started.

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Has Trip Advisor (TA) Sent you one of
these Not-So-Nice E-mails?

To Whom It May Concern,

It has come to our attention that individuals or entities associated with, or having an interest in your organization may have submitted positive reviews of your own property with the intent to improve your position on TripAdvisor. This is strictly against TripAdvisor policy ( and in some cases is also a violation of federal law [see (UCP 2005/29/EC) and (FTC 16 CFR Part 255)].

This is an official notification that your property is now being actively monitored by TripAdvisor for suspicious activity on our website. If these attempts continue, TripAdvisor may take one or more of the following actions on your property listing:

- Drop it by several pages in the TripAdvisor popularity index
- Post a large red penalty notice, explaining that the reviews are suspicious
- Exclude it from TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice awards, Top 10 lists, press releases, etc.

This very topic was discussed during our Club 60 Webinar on Thursday.

The consensus was: BED AND BREAKFAST INNS NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS TRIGGERING Trip Advisor to send such an E-Mail.

Most inns are not purposely scamming the TA by getting bogus reviews. (And if you are - STOP IT!) The penalty's above have the potential to damage your business.

So, IF you (or any other innkeepers you are friends with) have ever received a not-so-nice E-Mail like this from TA, please E-Mail Lisa Kolb at and tell us your story.

We are hoping to be able to put together a case study so Innkeepers can be aware of the things that might trigger such action from TA, when indeed they are not purposely trying to scam the system, but simply DIDN'T KNOW that their action was something that would make TA think they were cheating.

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NW Innkeeping ShowIf you are planning to attend to Northwest Conference and Trade Show, remember to enter the following promo code...

(promo code) acorn

... when you register in order to receive raffle ticket as part of your registration packet to win a Simon’s Beautyrest Bed and Breakfast Collection™ Mattress, a $1500 value!

Good LUCK!

By registering with our promo code listed above, Acorn Internet Services, Inc. will also be entered in a drawing to win a discount on our trade show registration!

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For those planning to attend the NW PAII Conference, remember to register for our Pre-Conference Class...

Date: Monday, April 4th, 2011
Time: 1-4 pm

The 7 Building Blocks to Your Internet Success

Each Bed and Breakfast Inn attending will receive our highly acclaimed "Innkeeper's Marketing Project Planner" to take home with them to organize their on-going Marketing Success!

We hope to see you there!

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