Acorn Internet Services, Inc.

SuperInn is Closing on October 31, 2019

You are receiving this email as an Acorn client who has been identified as using SuperInn now or in the past. SuperInn has announced that they are closing and will no longer offer their service after October 31, 2019. Once you have contracted with a new reservation system, you will need to have all of the links updated on your website. Pay-as-You-Go clients will need to submit a Support Ticket to have these changes made, using this link: The work will be done at our current rates. Advantage Plan Level 3 and 4 clients will be able to work with their Project Manager to have this work done. Please contact your PM as soon as you're ready to make the change. Advantage Plan Level 1 and 2 clients, please contact Lisa Kolb at to have the changes made.

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