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October 10, 2018 - If you are planning to leave RezOvation / Webervations

You have most likely read the recent news announcement that London-based eviivo is in the process of expanding into North America with the purchase of Expedia Group's RezOvation and Webervations. The article said that RezOvation and Webervations customers will be able to register for an upgrade of services beginning October 20, 2018, and eviivo expects to complete the upgrade program by early 2019. Click here to read our original newsletter from Oct 4, 2018 on this subject.

If you are contemplating whether or not you want to stay and wait for the upgrade and are looking for an alternative reservation company, we wanted you to know that ThinkReservations is currently offering FREE Data Transfers for any existing RezOvation or Webervations customers who decide to switch to ThinkReservations by the end of 2018.

ThinkReservations is one of the more popular reservation systems within the Acorn client base, and we wanted to pass this information on to any Innkeepers who may be able to benefit from ThinkReservation's special offer and quality services.

In addition, ThinkReservations is currently offering a reduced setup fee for Acorn clients who sign up and go live with ThinkReservations by the end of October 2018. Normally the one-time setup fee would be $500 but they are reducing it to $200. This is the best pricing we have ever seen them offer -- and as I understand it, it is even better than when Innkeepers sign up for their services at a conference.

If you are interested in learning more, I'm including additional information from ThinkReservations:

Online Booking Engine: Personalized, mobile friendly, with the ability to run promotions and upsell items, packages, services, and gift certificates. Independently tested with results proving what customers are already saying: it converts at a higher rate than their competitors.

Online Property Management System: Our best-in-class cloud-based PMS reduces time spent managing reservations and supports an unlimited number of users, on an unlimited number of devices, on both PC and Mac.

Secure Credit Card Processing: Use any payment processor of your choice or work with one of our Direct Connect partners--the choice is up to you! PCI DSS Compliant for your protection.

24/7 US-Based Customer Support: We are here to help you succeed! Live phone support from 8am-8pm ET Monday-Friday and on-call Emergency Support by the same great staff overnight and weekends.

OTA Channel Manager: Manage all your OTA connections using the built-in Channel Manager designed by ThinkReservations with the ability to make what you want to make available, when you want to make it available, on a per-room, per-night basis. Get in the driver's seat in your relationships with the OTAs! With its built-in tools to help reduce reliance on OTAs, properties are saving 1,000's of dollars in higher OTA commissions annually. Reservations made through the use of the Channel Manager are billed a 3% commission monthly following the guest's stay. You are never charged a commission on reservations made through your website or taken over the phone.

Data Import: Don't leave Rezovation or Webervations without your data! You worked hard to gather that information and you need it to make business decisions to help your business grow. Our Tech Team will move all of your historical data to ThinkReservations WITHOUT having to fill out spreadsheets or do any work yourself. We have migrated hundreds of Rezovation and Webervations customers to ThinkReservations and none of our competitors have been able to match the information we are able to bring over for you as seamlessly as we can. Let us do the work for you!

Key Features Innkeeper's Love:

  • Complete Property Management & Channel Manager System
  • Direct Two-Way Connectivity with, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and all their partner sites
  • Customized Booking Engine
  • Personalized Upsellable Items, Packages, and Services to Increase Revenue
  • Comprehensive Suite of Reports
  • Functional Across all Mobile Devices
  • Flexible Rates & Restrictions that are Easy to Manage
  • Automatic Yield Management
  • Automatic Minimum Night Adjustments
  • Automatic Emails
  • Automatic Task Management
  • Live 24/7 US-Based Customer Support with a Support Team all with Real-World Lodging Experience
  • You KEEP Your Historical Data

For more information, please contact Senior Account Managers E Scot Fuller-Beatty at or Laura McDowell at

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