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October 8, 2018 - ADA Property Requirements Survey

As you know, we've been discussing and addressing the need for an ADA compliant website.

However, just as important, if not more so, is the need for any lodging property that is required to physically offer ADA rooms and amenities to make sure that their ADA room descriptions, amenities, access, etc. should also be clearly documented on your website and just as importantly, if not more so, on your reservation system.

We just discovered that one of our Advantage Plan clients has become the defendant in a lawsuit where they are indeed physically responsible for providing an ADA accessible room, but the detailed information about their ADA room, amenities, access, etc. is not conveyed clearly in their reservation system.

The plaintiff in this case claims she tried to book a room through the client's reservation system but was unable to because no where could she find information about which rooms were ADA accessible. As a result, she has filed this discrimination lawsuit under the California Unruh Civil Rights Act.

In light of this lawsuit, we are attempting to reach out to each and every one of our clients to determine who could be similarly affected by such state or federal ADA requirements. We anticipate this is not going to be just an issue in California, but in other states also.

And as such, we are providing a joint webinar partnering with both the AIHP and PAII memberships to address these requirements and the impact they're having on our already overwhelmed industry.

Please complete the following survey to let us know whether or not you are exempt from any state/federal ADA regulations where you must physically provide ADA accessible rooms to your guests.

If you are exempt (due to the age of your property, when it was built, if its a historical property, etc.), then you do not need to attend this webinar, as this specific information does not impact your business.

However, if you are NOT exempt, it is imperative that you do attend this webinar to learn more about what this means to your website, but more importantly to your choice of reservation system.

As to not waste anyone's time, we will only be inviting those who complete this survey and let us know they are not exempt.

No two properties or situations will be alike as the ability for your reservation system to handle this type of situation is dependent on your reservation system of choice.

Our hope is to inform and educate our clients about this "new" twist in the ongoing ADA lawsuits that have become so prolific in our industry.




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