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October 4, 2018 - RezOvation / Webervation Client Alert

Just this morning we read the announcement that that Rezovation and Webervations have been sold to eviivo, a leading online booking specialist for independent hotels and bed and breakfasts. I wanted to take a moment and share what we know at the moment. The following is from an email from Janice Hurley Hollis, Head of Industry Relations:

RezOvation and Webervations software have serviced the innkeeping community for almost 20 years. As the product and industry have evolved, we’ve worked to keep up with trends, technology and our customer needs. We know our products have had functionality and features missing that our customers have needed and wanted.

Enter eviivo:

eviivo is a leading all-in-one booking management solution supporting small property owners and associations all over the world. eviivo not only keeps up with the industry, they are one of the few who lead the way in technology, security, and most importantly direct connectivity to online channels such as Expedia,, AirBnb, and HomeAway. eviivo’s flagship product eviivo suite is a cloud based solution that provides a simple way to manage bookings, guests, and travel agencies.

Also - eviivo CARES! Since its inception eviivo has supported small properties and B&B’s throughout Europe and the UK. They are excited to bring that same support to innkeepers in the US.

What does this mean for RezOvation/Webervations Customers?

As of today nothing will change with the way these customers work with RezO/Weber. We will continue to operate RezOvation and Webervations businesses as usual. Over the next several months RezOvation and Webervations customers will be migrated to the eviivo suite. This will replace the existing RezOvation and Webervations platforms.

What does this mean for associations using Webervations?

As of today nothing will change with the way associations work with Webervations. eviivo has an existing association platform that they currently provide for associations they are working with. As the migration plan evolves we’ll be reaching out to share details on how we’ll be migrating associations and their members to the upgraded software.

Both companies want to ensure that this process is as smooth as possible so we are working on an automated strategy that will allow for a simple upgrade.

Here is what was shared with RezOvation / Webervation customers earlier today:

  • RezOvation and Webervations will continue to operate as it does today during this migration.
  • The upgrade to eviivo will start in the coming months. We will be reaching out to each property directly with migration details.
  • Data transfer, account setup, tools and information will be part of the migration plan. We aim to make it simple.
  • The migration will include direct connectivity to our existing partners Expedia and Priceline.
  • We will update customers soon with additional details about eviivo suite, the new software, upgrade plans and your options.
  • Our existing RezO/Weber customer support team is still available. They will help properties through this process and do our best to answer questions they have.

Q&A Updated on 10/5/2018 as provided by Janice Hurley Hollis

Question: Who will be contacting innkeepers about the migration? A representative from the new software provider eviivo?
Answer: Both RezOvation and eviivo will be working together to help properly support innkeepers with their migration. Our teams will be working together to communicate next steps and answer questions. The standard customer support line here in Austin still continue to operate and assist all of our customers. 877-239-1398; option 2

Question: Will innkeeper's have the option to customize their plan with eviviio as part of the migration? Not all innkeepers using Webervations were connected to any OTAs.
Answer: Yes absolutely. eviivo understand that each property has unique needs and will accommodate those needs appropriately.

Question: Will Webervation customers now have to start paying a monthly subscription fee versus the annual fee that they are use to? Or did you negotiate a specific plan for Webervation customers?
Answer: eviivo is happy to support annual payments.




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