Advantage Plan Marketing
Advantage Plan Subscription Options

When you subscribe to one of Acorn’s Advantage Plan programs below, you are paying to receive and have access to our continually updated Expertise and Knowledge so you can manage and grow your business without making costly and detrimental mistakes.

*Acorn no longer hosts websites built by other companies. If you wish to subscribe to our Advantage Plan Services, but are not hosting an Acorn Site with us, ask about our Advantage Plan “Lite” Pricing.

DIY Advantage Plans

Advantage Plan Level 1

Basic Service & Awarness for the DIY Innkeeper

Advantage Plan Level 1 provides you with access to our continually updated Expertise and Knowledge, which once applied, will help you manage and grow your business without making costly and detrimental mistakes. 


This information is provided in a variety ways:

  • Advantage Plan Email Alerts
  • Advantage Plan Private Blog Posts
  • Advantage Plan Webinars
  • Advantage Plan Survey Checklist with step-by-step instructions to stay current
  • Advantage Plan clients are eligible for special offers, such as annual TripAdvisor Business Listing reviews

You will also have access to our Acorn Client Dashboard, which includes:

  • Calendar with all Advantage Plan communications, past and present
  • Profile of your specific business so we can communicate specific issues as they occur
  • Private access to Advantage Plan Blog with information and step-by-step instructions for topics that Innkeepers need to address
  • Dynamic Action Item tracking
  • Basic Performance Console (Levels 1 & 2)
  • Custom Performance Console and Expanded Revenue Tracking Report (Levels 3, 4 & 5)

In order to succeed in today’s marketplace, you MUST establish an ongoing strategy in order to maintain and grow your business. Innkeepers typically cannot create a plan such as this without expert direction and guidance.  Hit and miss mistakes are costly. With our Advantage Plan Program, you will learn what you need to do and how to do it.

Advantage Plan Level 2

Skill-Based Education for the DIY Innkeeper

In today’s economy, small DIY business owners MUST become more knowledgeable about their Internet presence to be able to formulate a strategic Internet marketing plan. Without that knowledge, marketing dollars end up being applied to programs with little or no benefit for bringing in customers. Knowledge is Power! Our Level 2 education is the Key to that Power!


Acorn Internet Services is committed to the education of our customer base. With the right information about available Internet marketing services, even Internet rookies will be able to grasp basic Internet concepts, like: learning the difference between organic/local placement and Pay-Per-Click placement, why a Website tracker is so very important to your business, and what meta tags are, to name just a few.

This basic knowledge gives you the power to make the right decisions for your business and, in time, see your business thrive on the Internet superhighway.

Advantage Plan Level 2 includes all services from Advantage Plan Level 1, PLUS:

Acorn University Education

  • Printable Yearly Project Planner to keep you on top of your ongoing marketing.
  • Email invitations to bi-monthly Acorn University and Club 60 live webinars.
  • Email invitations to SEO Update webinar.
  • Access to video library of all past classes in Acorn University curriculum and Club 60.
  • Email invitations to monthly Q&A webinars for live help and support.
  • Access to the Acorn U/Club 60 Q&A Forum/Chat Room.
  • You will become a part of a group of exclusive innkeeper and property owners who work together to support each other and share their knowledge.
  • If you decide to sell your inn, you will be listed on Acorn’s exclusive Inns for Sale page.

Here at Acorn Internet Services, there is no such thing as a dumb question. We will work with you until you are able to grasp each important concept and use that knowledge to make the marketing decisions that will best benefit your business.

Bottom Line? The educated DIY Innkeeper is equipped with the skills to INCREASE their REVENUE for less cost than the Innkeeper who unaware of their Basic Internet Marketing Environment.

Advantage Plan Level 3

Market Watch Monitoring for the DIY Innkeeper

Understand your revenue with our hands-on Market Watch Strategic Planning and Monitoring Services. On a monthly basis, we monitor your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for every marketing dollar you spend, and help you understand how it contributes to your revenue. We review this information with you during a monthly 1-on-1 meeting.


As a busy innkeeper, do you have time to review and interpret all of your data on a monthly basis? Formulate an Internet marketing plan? Keep all this information organized from one month to the next? If you are having trouble answering “yes” to any of these questions, Acorn Internet Service’s Advantage Plan Level 3 can help you.

Acorn Internet Services provides a very special, hands-on approach to help Innkeepers monitor their ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), revenue, online presence and placement, and so much more. It is not simply a generated report. Anyone can set up Google Analytics to simply email you a monthly report. This service is a comprehensive statistical and search engine placement reporting program where you work with your assigned project manager who reviews, produces, and transmits electronically a customized report, including comprehensive recommendations and marketing trends. This goes beyond a simple report. Your project manager will work with you on a monthly basis, providing and monitoring your most critical action items specific to your business.

You already know just how dynamic Internet marketing can be – the rules change frequently. By tracking your stats and organic placement every month, we can watch for shifts in how search engines view your Website and ensure that your visibility, traffic, and revenue remain strong.

Advantage Plan Level 3 includes all services from Advantage Plan Levels 1 & 2, PLUS:

Monthly Digital Report

This report will give you an overview of the health of your website and online presence, and total revenue earned during the past month. A monthly report consists of a Custom Performance Console and additional Revenue Tracker (the Revenue Tracker is filled out monthly with the last-click and assisted conversions entered.  Once the expenses for web presence are included and monthly OTA bookings are added, the Revenue Tracker provides an excellent depiction of bookings/revenue from your website.)

The Custom Performance Console includes:

  • Executive Summary
    This is where you will find your MarketWatch details consolidated “at-a-glance.”
  • Revenue Reporting
    See how each of your referral sources are performing on a monthly and year-over-year basis.
  • Campaign Reporting
    Evaluate the effectiveness of your various campaigns from paid ads to newsletters.
  • Website Reporting
    Understand how you are being found online, which pages of your website are making the biggest impact, and how far your blogs are reaching.
  • Google Organic vs. Google My Business (GMB) Breakdown
    See the split between your Google Organic and GMB traffic and revenue.
  • Reviews, Social Media, Blog, & Newsletter Monitoring
    We help you keep track of the consistency of your reviews, posts, and other marketing efforts.
  • Online Health
    This section is designed to make sure innkeepers have done and completed the “one-time” tasks required to maintain placement in today’s online world.

Monthly Strategy Call

The monthly strategy call with your project manager is where you will be given actionable items and tools to increase your revenue. This is a personalized call, designed to develop a strategy for your business. Typically, during the strategy call, your project manager will briefly go over the current month’s Digital Report and make you aware of any open action items that need to be addressed. The bulk of the call will be spent talking about the current marketing efforts you are employing, and will check the effectiveness of those tactics by reviewing data in Google Analytics to see how much revenue has been generated and how many sessions have come to your website as a result of these efforts. These statistics can help us determine how well each marketing effort is working and allow us to make suggestions for any adjustments that might help to increase their effectiveness. During this call, your project manager will also talk with you about areas for future growth. These might involve additional items, such as: OTA strategy, yield management, targeted newsletters, specials and packages, pay-per-click campaigns, and much more. As you initiate new marketing efforts, your project manager will review their effectiveness and give you suggestions for adjustments to help increase their effectiveness. This call will also allow time for your questions. When you schedule the meeting, you can let your project manager know any topics you want to address, help you might need, or questions you may have. This call is where information moves from numbers and data to actionable items that can impact your business.

Advantage Plan Level 4

Basic Marketing Bundle

Level 4 is for the innkeeper who is looking for a full service option. In addition to our hands-on Market Watch Strategic Planning and Monitoring Services, our Acorn team of writers will handle your basic marketing work for you (Email Campaigns, Blogging, Social Media Posts, and Pinterest Sessions).


Acorn is very different when it comes to our client’s marketing. Where others may create a fixed check list of marketing items that they “box” for you to purchase, we do not. If you are not sure where you want to begin your marketing, we have a proposed bundle below. We work with each client to determine the right-fit marketing options for your property and budget, and then adjust the basic marketing bundle below to fit your needs.
Click here to learn more about our Basic Marketing Options.
Advantage Plan Level 4 includes all services from Advantage Plan Levels 1, 2 & 3, PLUS:
Monthly Marketing Basic Suggested Bundle

  • 1 Simplified Content Email
  • 2 Blog Posts
  • 4 Social Media Posts
  • 2 Pinterest Sessions

Advantage Plan Level 5

Advanced Marketing Bundle

This advanced level is for the innkeeper who is interested in a full-service option, where our Acorn team will spend additional time each month going above and beyond our Basic Marketing & Monitoring tasks. Level 5 includes advanced marketing techniques and additional hands-on assistance customized for your specific on-going needs.


Our Advantage Plan Level 5 has been designed for our clients who wish to be hands-off regarding the Basic and Advanced Marketing tasks that must be completed on a monthly basis. Your assigned project manager will be completing agreed-upon tasks from the list below that the DIY innkeeper would be doing themselves. This client level is committed to utilizing more advanced products and techniques as supported by 3rd party companies that Acorn has vetted and thus are able to provide at lower pricing for our Acorn clients.

Click here to learn more about our Advanced Marketing Options.

Advantage Plan Level 5 includes all services from Advantage Plan Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4, PLUS:

Monthly Marketing Advanced Proposed Bundle

  • Brand Marketing & Prospecting
  • Guest Retention on Website Maintenance
  • Texting Product and Services Integration
  • PPC (Google and Bing) Monthly Review & Adjustments
  • Review Management Tools
  • TripAdvisor Monthly Adjustments


Advantage Plan Pricing

Level 1

Basic Subscription Services
$99 / month

  • Acorn Client Dashboard
    • Industry Change Alerts
    • Revenue Strategy Alerts
    • Advantage Plan Tutorials
    • Advantage Plan Webinars
    • Marketing Tools & Support
  • Basic Performance Console
  • Advantage Plan Support
  • General Support Questions
  • Yearly TripAdvisor Review
  • Hosting and Email

Level 2

+ DIY Education for the Do-It-Yourselfer
$149 / month

  • Access to Acorn University
    • How-To Webinars
    • Monthly Industry Webinar
    • Monthly Q&A Webinar
    • Marketing Project Planner

Includes level 1 services

Level 3

+ Monthly Monitoring & 1-on-1 Meetings
$449 / month *plus set-up fees

  • Individual Strategic Planning
    • Initial Marketing Review
    • Revenue Monitoring
    • Leading Edge Strategies
    • Local Partner Synergies
    • Personal Project Manager
  • Monthly Review Calls
    • Revenue Source Analysis
    • Paid Strategy ROAS
    • Monthly ROI Reporting
    • Direct Booking Strategies
    • Industry Change Advice

Includes level 1 & 2 services

Level 4

+ Suggested Basic Marketing Bundle
$1,169 / month *plus set-up fees

Starts at $1,169 with suggested bundled package below. Can be adjusted to meet your basic marketing needs.

  • Suggested Basic Marketing Bundle
    • 2 Blog Posts
    • 4 Social Media Posts
    • 2 Pinterest Sessions
    • 1 Simplified Content Email
    • (setup fees & newsletter subscription not included)
  • Project Manager will help create and manage a custom Basic Marketing Bundle (total monthly pricing subject to approval)

Includes level 1,2 & 3 services

Level 5

+ Suggested Advanced Marketing Bundle
Starts at $1,569 / month *plus set-up fees

Starts at $1,569 with suggested bundled package below. Can be adjusted to meet your advanced marketing needs.

  • Suggested Advanced Marketing Bundle
    • Brand Marketing & Prospecting
    • Guest Retention on Website Maintenance
    • Texting Product and Services Integration
    • PPC (Google and Bing) Monthly Review & Adjustments
    • Review Management Tools
    • TripAdvisor Monthly Review & Adjustments
    • (setup fees, ad spend & subscription costs not included)
  • Project Manager will help create and manage a custom Advanced Marketing Bundle (total monthly pricing subject to approval)

Includes level 1,2,3 & 4 services

Optional Add-onsAvailable for all Advantage Plan Levels