Make Sense of your Revenue with our Hands On Strategic Planning and Monitoring Services (Formerly Known As: MarketWatch)

To aid in Web statistics analysis, you (as an Acorn customer) have access to lots of valuable information about the visitors to your Web site through Google Analytics as well as your own review of your organic and local Google position in relation to your primary keyword phrases.

As a busy innkeeper, do you have time to look at all of this on a monthly basis? Interpret them? Formulate an Internet Marketing plan? And keep all this information organized from one month to the next?

If you are having trouble answering “yes” to any of these questions, Acorn Internet Service’s Advantage Plan Level 3 or 4 can help you.

We have reported to you many times just how dynamic this business of Internet marketing can be – the rules change frequently. By tracking your stats and organic placement every month, we can watch for shifts in how search engines view your Web site and ensure that your visibility and traffic remains strong.