A Note from the President and Co-Founder, Lisa Kolb

Inn keeping requires a wide variety of skills in order to be successful.  I speak from experience, as Mark and I opened, owned and operated our Bed and Breakfast for just shy of a decade.  As an Innkeeper, you must excel at everything from cooking, cleaning, bookkeeping, laundry, landscaping, decorating, accounting, room design, people skills, time management, maintenance, repairs, plumbing, psychology, mediation, problem solving and yes, even technology, just to name a few.  When you find that you simply cannot do a required task yourself, you must hire someone to do it for you.  Those decisions are critical, especially when it comes to your Web Company, as they are the lifeline to your revenue stream.  Knowing the right questions to ask is your first step in choosing the web design, marketing and hosting company or companies that best meet your objectives.  And though we here at Acorn IS would love to be your first choice, we also realize that no one web company can be all things to all Innkeepers.  That’s why we have developed this interactive video answer library to go along with the questions to ask worksheet.  We encourage you to use this as a guideline when choosing a web company, but also to add in any additional questions you feel are specifically relevant to your Inn and your business.

If you would like to have this information presented in Webinar format, at no charge, for your Local, State or Regional Group, please contact us for details.

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Interative Video Answer Library for each of the “How to Choose a Web Company” Worksheet Questions

Step 1: Click on the link above to print the “How to Choose a Web Company” Worksheet.

Step 2: Read through the questions. Make note of those that you do not clearly understand.

Step 3: Find the tabs below that match the sections in “How to Choose a Web Company” Worksheet.

Step 4: Click to watch any of the videos for further clarification.

Each question that you should be asking a potential Web Company has a short video explaining why the question is important to your business.