Keep Informed of Today’s Ever Changing Online Landscape

Acorn will provide FREE Industry Webinars from time to time throughout the year. Once a quarter, we will offer an open class to any and all Innkeepers, Property Managers and Small Business Owners interested in attending. These FREE quarterly Webinar classes will touch on a topic that is applicable to what is currently happening on the Internet and how it relates to our industry.

These special Webinars are higher level discussions on current topics of our choice offered to the general public. More information will be available once the topic has been chosen for that quarter. These FFA webinars are NOT sales pitch presentations. They are intended to help keep you informed of the ever changing online landscape.

You may register for any of these FFA classes at NO CHARGE. Please take a moment and complete the E-Mail registration to the right so that we may send you E-Mail reminders of upcoming FFA Webinars.

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