Below you will find a recorded Video copy of each of our FREE FOR ALL (FFA) Webinars.

Acorn will provide FFA Industry Webinars from time to time through out the year. These "Free For All" Industry Webinars are open to Any and All innkeepers and small business owners interested in attending. These special Webinars DO NOT count as the "1 Time Only" Free Pass for Acorn General Webinars, but are higher level discussions on current topics of our choice offered to the general public.

These Videos will be replaced on a quarterly basis once the next Live version of Webinar has been recorded, converted and loaded live.

FYI: We are limited to 1 hour of record time, and from time to time, our classes may run over that time, so whenever possible, it's best to Attend These Classes Live.

- - Please note, videos may take a moment to load. - -
FFA Series - Free For All Classes (FFA)

FFA01 - Never Guess Again! Intell-a-Keeper is the Answer!
Description: Do you know where your Phone, E-mail and Online Reservations are coming from? Intell-a-Keeper can tell you! In this session see how this in-house tracking product, designed and built by former Innkeepers, will give you the advantage of knowing exactly where you need to spend your marketing dollars.

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FFA02 - Mobile Website Introduction
Description: Come learn why a Mobile Site is important, and how it works as compared to your full Screen Web site on a hand-held device. Mobile Standards are just not the same as Website standards, and a Mobile site is the answer for those Innkeeper who desire to go after those hand-held device users! [More]

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FFA03 - Current Industry Topic to be Announced Quarterly
Description: We choose our FFA General Session Topics as they apply to innkeepers at the time of the meeting.  Once we get closer to the 1st quarter Webinar we will announce the topic to be covered.

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