Innkeepers and small business owners can no longer rely on “JUST” their Website and/or Traditional Online Marketing Tasks to deliver the same ROI (Return on Investment) results at the same financial level (Revenue) that these Foundational Steps were capable of producing in the past.

These Foundational Steps must still be in place. However, if you want to succeed in today’s online world, you must develop, create, monitor, and manage your own individualized Strategic Marketing Plan on a monthly basis.

The plan must successfully implement the items listed on the info-graphic roadmap below, and also stay current with any new items that will occur in the future. Without such a plan, you will not be able to maintain and grow your revenue as our online landscape continues to change on a daily basis.

If you’re not keeping up, or don’t even know where to start, we highly encourage you to join our Advantage Plan Program ASAP. Acorn Internet Services is the industry leader when it comes to understanding what’s affecting our Innkeepers’ bottom line. With access to our expertise and guidance, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to stay current.

Advantage Plan Roadmap
Services Included in all Advantage Plan Subscriptions (Level 1, 2, 3, 4)
DIY Education for the Do-It-Yourselfer (Advantage Plan Level 2)
Included from Advantage Plan Level 1
Monthly Monitoring and One-on-One Meetings (Advantage Plan Level 3)
Included from Advantage Plan Level 2
Included from Advantage Plan Level 1
Ultimate Marketing Bundle (Advantage Plan Level 4)
Included from Advantage Plan Level 3
Included from Advantage Plan Level 2
Included from Advantage Plan Level 1

Marketing Add-Ons

Acorn is very different when it comes to our client’s marketing. Where others may create a fixed check list of marketing items that they “box” for you to purchase — we do not. We work with each client to determine the right-fit marketing options for your property and budget.

Blog Posts:
Our professional writing team will craft original content posts for your blog, to correspond with events in your area, or any other topic you choose, as well as add appropriate photos for visual interest and add on-page SEO. ROI on blog posts is made available in the Acorn Dashboard for any clients where we do Blog Writing.

Social Media Posts: 
Our professional writers will add original posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, including links, hashtags if appropriate and relevant links, using the Buffer app program to streamline the process.

Pinterest Board:
We will add pins to your existing Pinterest boards, making sure the content is relevant to your business and visually appealing.

We will customize your newsletter template to compliment the branding already in place on your website. We will organize your content, load it with supporting images and links, and schedule the distribution. ROI on newsletters is made available in the Acorn Dashboard for any clients where we write and ship Newsletters.

Email Blasts:
More simplified email blast template will be created to complement the branding on your website, and contain either short snippets of info with quality images or one detailed topic, such as a special or package.

There are a variety of Paid Campaigns available to market your property. Acorn can assist you with Adwords, Google Hotel Ads, Promoted Ads and Display Ads.
We will periodically check to verify that you have good click through rates and ad positions, adjust your bids and review your ad content to support the best use of your monthly pay-per-click budget. The cost for a mini monthly Google AdWords review will vary depending on how many campaigns and keywords you have running.

YouTube Marketing:
We will load your videos to YouTube with appropriate titles, descriptions, categories and settings, and disseminate the video to your social media platforms.

Review Management:
GetFiveStars is a program which automates review gathering. After you are set up in the system and have a review gathering page on your site, we will monitor the reviews you are gathering and send out review requests on a regular basis.

Marketing Analysis:
There are times when a client simply needs to talk to someone about their Marketing. We have a variety of team members that are available at our current consulting rates to meet with you via Go-To Meeting or phone, and help you brainstorm any Marketing issues or concerns you might have.

Blog Health Evaluation:
After the analysis has been completed, the customer may choose to have Acorn do the necessary work identified to update and re-publish posts, and/or delete and re-direct under-performing posts. This would be done at our standard hourly rates, and a bid would be provided for approval before any cleanup work is started.

    • Includes an analysis of your Inn’s blog covering the previous year’s blog page visitor traffic as documented by Google Analytics.
    • Documents the highest performing posts.
    • Recommends posts that should be kept.
    • Recommends posts that should be updated and republished.
    • Provides the number of posts to be deleted and re-directed.
    • Prepares an estimate of cost to have the clean-up done.
    • Includes 30 minute phone consultation to review our findings.

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