Social Marketing is Like a Box of Chocolates

Social Marketing is like a box of Chocolates

To coin a phrase from the 1994 Movie Forest Gump… [Social Marketing] is like a Box of Chocolates, You Never Know what You are Going to Get!  But what we do know for sure is you will never get ANY of those SWEET REWARDS if you never even Open-the-Box! Many Innkeepers have already gotten involved with our Go-Trippin Social Marketing System, but there are still many of you that have yet to Open-the-Box!

Let Me Share with You what SWEET REWARDS You are Missing!

Sweet Reward 1: Go-Trippin was originally conceived to do two (2) major things for your business.

One: Allow members to tie authority back to their own online presence via each and every Go-Trippin article they post.

If you don’t understand the extreme need and importance in building online Authority, I highly recommend you watch our “Be an Authority or Get Left Behind” a Free-For-All Video recorded during the webinar held on October 16, 2013. View Video

Two: Receive the added benefit of having your Go-Trippin posts published in Google’s Niantic Labs Field Trip App.

Authority via Go-Trippin

We Currently Have OVER 100 Innkeepers Writing and Enjoying Both of these BENEFITS.

Sweet Reward 2: We recently added a Go-Trippin Blog to announce weekly events, and special Innkeeper designed Field Trips. This provides additional exposure to any Event (Happening) our Innkeepers publish on Go-Trippin. Followers may also sign up to auto-receive these weekly posts, providing even more visibility to our Innkeepers writing for Go-Trippin.

Go-Trippin Halloween Event

Sweet Reward 3: Go-Trippin members were invited to join a Halloween Social Marketing opportunity… Go-Trippin with Ghosts and Goblins: Halloween History, Happenings and Haunts.  The following Inns participated.

  • 1750 Inn at Sandwich Center, Sandwich (MA)
  • Devereaux Shields House, Natchez (MS)
  • The Lion and the Rose Bed and Breakfast, Asheville (NC)
  • The Woodstock Inn on the Millstream, Woodstock (NY)
  • The Caldwell House Bed and Breakfast, Salisbury Mills (NY)

CLICK HERE to learn more about our Innkeeper’s Halloween Field Trips!

Each Inn had to meet the following requirements…

1) Create a “Field Trip” style event with stops along the way.
2) Write about each “Stop” as a post in Go-Trippin.
3) Write about the Event (Happening) including the “Stops” in Go-Trippin.
4) Create a Map with the details of the “Field Trip”. See Sample Map
5) Establish a registration form in EventBrite to track those who plan to attend.

And each of these requirements above tied directly to Social Marketing opportunities below…

1) Allows the Innkeeper to be an Authority on their Area.
2) Adds that Authority as an Author Tagged Post indexed by Google, and published in the Field Trip App.
3) Adds Authority as an Author Tagged Post, and is included as part of the Go-Trippin Event Blog.
4) Allows each Attendee to share their “Experience” on their own Social Media channels, mentioning the Inn as they go on the Field Trip.
5) Allows for recognition and marketing in the EventBrite App and Website.

These requirements were simply a framework that Go-Trippin could promote and reference through all their Social Media Channels so the Innkeepers and their Inns would get recognition.

These are some of the Social systems, including their (reach), our Innkeepers have been seen on.

And What are Some of the Rewards?

  • Past guests contacting the Innkeeper to book new reservations.
  • Contact with News Anchors in the Innkeepers Area for future press.
  • Contact with Travel Writers and Photographers for future press.
  • Attendees who have never stayed at an Inn before, are now getting exposure to what Innkeepers and their Inns are really like.
  • Attendees sharing their experience on their own Social Media accounts with their friends and family, mentioning the Inn by name!
  • Being found via the Field Trip app when people are in the nearby vicinity of the Happening.
  • Facebook shares, Twitter Re-Tweets and Google +1’s sharing the event.
  • And so much more we have yet to discover!

And like we said when we started this post, Social Marketing is really just like a Box of Chocolates.

These five Innkeepers will obviously see immediate return in the way of Name Recognition via Social sharing, but at the same time, the future investment in building Social Marketing contacts will continue to pay off down the road and into the future. The EXACT future reward is yet to be determined, but we anticipate that it is there and it could be quite valuable.

If you aren’t currently involved in Go-Trippin, I encourage you to join us for the Live Webinar: Why Go-Trippin? on Wednesday, November 6, 2013.

REGISTER NOW!  10:00 Pacific, 11:00 Mountain, Noon Central, 1:00 Eastern  

I challenge you to find any other place in our industry where you can be  seen by Over-a-Million Social Media opportunities simply by being involved in writing about your area.

Not to mention the Support to your Online Placement via Authority Tagged Posts.

It’s Only Here – It’s Only with Go-Trippin!

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