Product Announcement: Go-Trippin Publishing to Google’s Field Trip App

Acorn Internet Services, Inc. is proud to announce the release of our new Go-Trippin Web site, which went live in May 2013. Go-Trippin is designed as a travel site, with Things-To-Do, Happenings (Events) and Tips and Deals provided by Innkeepers for exploring city’s “best-kept-secrets” across the United States.


Go-Trippin-Full-Display-Screen-ShotThe History Behind Go-Trippin

In March of 2013, I attended the Local U Advanced Session in Baltimore, MD. Bill Slawski was the Keynote Speaker regarding Google’s Local Patents.

A quick side note, Bill follows Google’s patents as a way to look into Google’s crystal ball for possible directions they might take with future products and services. It’s a really interesting concept, and if you have time, I do recommend you check out his blog, SEO by the Sea.

To make a long story short, I introduced myself to Bill after his session, and he asked what industry I was in. When I shared that we support Bed and Breakfasts, Small Inns and Boutique Hotels with their internet marketing, he suggested we take a look at Google’s new Field Trip App. He indicated that it would be a really great idea for Innkeepers to be included in this App for people traveling or exploring in their respective cities.

I didn’t know a lot about the Google Field Trip App at that time, so I began to dig, and I discovered that the App only accepted approved feeds for data into their system. IE: They don’t accept individual listings. So, creating a Website that could provide great information about our Inns and their areas was conceived, and Go-Trippin became a finished product.

On May 21st, 2013 I submitted a Content Inclusion Request to Field Trip to see if they would be interested in taking our Contributing Innkeeper’s Content from Go-Trippin into their system. A month later, on June 25th, 2013, the first Go-Trippin Feed was seen in the Field Trip App!

What Exactly is Google’s Field Trip App?

Field Trip LogoField Trip is a free App that runs in the background on your phone. It’s available both on the App Store for iPhone, and Google Play for Android. Field Trip uses your phones GEO location, and will alert you when something of interest is in your near vicinity. They currently are working with over 100 different publishing partners to bring you interesting things to do and see relating to topics such as architecture, art, history, food, culture, and so on.

Take a moment to download the free Field Trip App or watch their Hangout Recording: Never Stop Exploring!

Ways to Get Involved With Go-Trippin!

Updated on 09/06/2013

If you would like to get involved with Go Trippin, go to this link:

If you’d like to watch a video and learn even more, Click Here

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Thank You!

Thank You to all of our Acorn IS team and our awesome group of Acorn University Contributors who helped us get this site up and running with such authentic content in order to be chosen by Field Trip as one of their Publishing partners. Without all of you, this would not have happened!

  • Will McQueen, 1825 Inn Bed and Breakfast
  • Joyce Schulte, Chambered Nautilus Bed and Breakfast Inn
  • Heidi Lanford, Iris Inn
  • Jan Preus, 1750 Inn at Sandwich Center
  • John Finneran, Caldwell House Bed and Breakfast
  • Penny Cote, Inn Victoria
  • Trish Robinson, The Captain’s Manor Inn
  • Jennifer Dunn, Franklin Victorian Bed & Breakfast
  • Patti Wiles, At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn
  • Jim Matthews, Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn & Spa
  • Tammy Doriot, White Oak Manor Bed and Breakfast
  • Steve Hiatt, Bottger Mansion
  • Debra Howard, High Pointe Inn
  • Debbie Mosimann, Swiss Woods
  • Nancy Moncrief, Candlelight Inn
  • Mark Stephens, Brewster Inn
  • Stephen LaFond, Barclay Cottage Bed and Breakfast
  • Joy Fischer, The Firelight Inn on Oregon Creek Bed and Breakfast
  • Susan Misavage, Angel at Rose Hall

Lisa Kolb
President and Co-Founder
Acorn Internet Services, Inc.

One thought on “Product Announcement: Go-Trippin Publishing to Google’s Field Trip App

  1. Would love to be a part of Go-Trippin. As an officer of Galena’s Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers of Galena (BBIG) group, and a member of the marketing committee for the Galena Historical Society, I’d be delighted to post something every month about the happenings and news from the Galena area. There’s so much to report!

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